August 25, 2020

Customer Success at the Edge:

How to Create a Customer-Centric Startup Culture 

Virtual Panel

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Are you ready to level up your customer success and support teams?

Keeping and retaining happy customers is tough. While your startup may have a customer success team, it really does require a cross-department effort to keep customer success, marketing, and product in alignment.

Not only is customer success handling the day-to-day interactions with your consumer base, they’re also handling referrals and renewals, pinpointing upsell and cross-sell potentials, communicating with support, sales, and engineering teams, and play an important role in your company’s product roadmap.

Join us for a bare-all discussion regarding:

  • How your customer success team plays into the development and growth of your company -- apart from keeping customers happy

  • Best practices you should implement between your customer success team and your sales, product, support, and marketing teams

  • How customer success should be working with customer marketing

  • The best way for customer success to communicate efforts across all teams

Intended Audience: perfect for customer success team members and managers and founders at early-stage and growth-stage startups.

Speakers -- TO BE ANNOUNCED! 

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