Data Track

"Data beats emotions." - Sean Rad

How can data improve your product? When data is limited in quantity or quality, it's important to start thinking outside of the box and make the data work for you. In this track, we'll chat about data rules and regulations, putting data to work for your startup, educating your colleagues about the impact of data, and more. 

Perfect for: data analysts and growth marketers.

A Market Mindset: Using Market Research Generate Opportunities

Thurs, Sept 23rd: 11:45am - 12:45pm EDT

When 90% of startups are destined to fail, how can you hedge your bets to see that your startup lands in the 10%?


Market research, of course. Ideas are cheap and many-a-brilliant startup idea has failed because the timing, pricing, or product execution weren’t quite right for the market need. 


Most founders and early-stage marketers know the value of market research, but they don’t always know where to begin. Join this expert panel to explore actionable tactics for deepening your understanding of your market and competitors in pursuit of a perfect product-market fit. 


We’ll discuss:


  • What are the best strategies for early stage startups collecting market research and gauging their potential to capture a portion of that market?

  • What are the best tactics for uncovering competitor insights? How do these tactics differ across industry?

  • Where should founders and marketers at early stage companies look to uncover opportunities and risk?

  • How can you be confident that you’ve done a thorough review of your market potential and competitors?


This event is part of the Marketing and Data Tracks for Startup Boston Week 2021. It is perfect for founders, marketers, and business developers at early stage and idea stage companies, or anyone looking to join a startup in its early stages.

Picture This: The Power and Principles of Data Visualization

Thurs, Sept 23rd: 10:30am - 11:30am EDT

With so much information being amassed through data collection, it’s important that businesses have a way to paint a picture with that data so we can better interpret it and use it to guide decision-making. 


Data visualization leverages maps and graphs to give us a clear idea of patterns, trends, and outliers within large data sets. With an eye to the future, data visualization can drive concrete actions and outcomes.


Join us for this data visualization workshop for an interactive introduction to the power of data visualization. You’ll explore:


  • Importance, principles, and benefits of data visualization

  • Data visualization tools and how to use them

  • Advantages and drawbacks of different visualization techniques, and how to select the right one


This event is part of the Data and Marketing Tracks for Startup Boston Week 2021. It is perfect for employees at early and growth stage companies.

Head in the Clouds: Should the Future of Data Storage be Cloud Storage

Fri, Sept 24th: 8:00am - 9:00am EDT

In this age of Big Data and big breaches, your company’s data storage and security plan may be of the utmost consequence. 


A 2020 survey reports that 41% of enterprise workloads are run on public cloud platforms, with another 22% using a hybrid model of cloud and on-premise storage, while exclusively on-premise solutions appear to be shrinking.


The future of data storage appears to be in the cloud. But should it be?


Join us as we go head-to-head with this dynamic debate to decide:


  • To what extent is cloud storage scalable? Cost effective? Risky?

  • Is it okay to store PII/PCI data on the cloud? 

  • What are the benefits and risks of cloud storage compared to on-premise data storage?

  • Should a startup fully store their data on the cloud? Should startups pursue a hybrid model?

This event is part of the Data and Software Engineering Tracks for Startup Boston Week 2021. It is perfect for IT infrastructure teams at early stage startups.

Actionable Insights: Business Intelligence for Startups

Fri, Sept 24th: 9:15am - 10:15am EDT

What product vertical should you expand to next? Which new customer segment should you lean into? What optimizations can you make to improve user experience? 


Actionable insights are meaningful findings that result from analyzing data. They make it clear what actions need to be taken or how one should think about an issue. Companies invest heavily in business intelligence tools but less so on generating actionable insights from those reports. In today’s world, actionable insights should be a primary driving factor decision-makers.


During this event, you’ll learn how to leverage actionable insights toward your own business intelligence. Through a series of brief, focused lightning talks, you’ll explore:


  • Frameworks and ownership for a clear business intelligence strategy

  • Tactics for producing actionable insights

  • Tools that you can use across departments to build business intelligence

  • Methods for analyzing data and gleaning insights.


This event is part of the Data, Marketing and Sales Tracks for Startup Boston Week 2021. It is perfect for marketers and business developers at growth stage startups.