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Data Track

Perfect for: data analysts and growth marketers.

"Data beats emotions." - Sean Rad

How can data improve your product? When data is limited in quantity or quality, it's important to start thinking outside of the box and make the data work for you. In this track, we'll chat about data rules and regulations, putting data to work for your startup, educating your colleagues about the impact of data, and more. 

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Ready to connect with your peers in data? Grab your free ticket for Startup Boston Week 2023 on Sept 11th - 15th today!

All sessions are available BOTH in-person at Suffolk University and virtually. 

Dipping A Toe into Data: An Overview for Those Interested or New to a Career in Data 

Order Through Chaos: Structuring Complex Data Sets and the Teams that Manage Them

Mon, Sept 11th: 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT 

Having the right governance, discipline, and structure around organizing vast, complex data sets is fundamental to success. Figuring out the team in charge of owning and managing this data is equally important. It’s pivotal to build both into an effective strategy early on when getting ready to scale your startup. 


Listen in to our incredible panel of speakers covering a host of questions including: 


  • What size should my data team be?

  • How should I be delegating data management and analysis responsibilities across my team?

  • Are there any best practices surrounding how I should structure my data to make it easily accessible for my team?


This event is part of the Data Track for Startup Boston Week 2023. It is best fit for engineers, data managers, as well as early & late stage founders. 


BIG Data, BIG Responsibilities: How Startups Can Effectively & Securely Use Data to Their Advantage

Mon, Sept 11th: 3:15pm - 4:15pm EDT 

Access to data from user and customer activities provides startups the power to identify trends, segment markets, reduce risk, and drive strong business decisions. Yet balancing effective governance and setting up sound processes is fundamental to success in an increasingly competitive market. 


To help startups better understand how to use data to support growth, this workshop will investigate: 


  • Risks and benefits of big data collection and use

  • How should we be thinking about privacy and security around big data?

  • How do we ensure that the use of data is transparent and accountable?

  • How to use big data to learn about your customers, and improve target market over time? 

  • What are the best ways to use big data across multiple teams?


This event is part of the Data Track and Engineering Track for Startup Boston Week 2023. It is perfect for founders, IT teams, operations managers, data managers, lead gen managers, and engineers. 


Paint by Number: Using Data to Illustrate a Narrative

Mon, Sept 11th: 4:30pm - 5:30pm EDT 

Effective synthesis and communication of data is both an art and a science; it involves a combination of technical skills, creative thinking, and audience awareness. By using data as a tool to tell a story, we can help people make better decisions, understand complex issues, and ultimately improve our society.


Grab a seat for this lightning talk style event answering questions including:


  • How does design and storytelling play a role in communicating with data other than technical skills?

  • Does automated analysis in exceptional cases require the intervention of human insights?

  • How important is having audience awareness while presenting data?

  • What are some common mistakes and biggest challenges that people face when communicating about data? 


This event is part of the Data Track and Marketing Track during Startup Boston Week 2023. It is best fit for students, marketing managers, lead gen managers, IT teams, product design managers, and engineers. 


Fear of the Unknown: Modeling Data in the face of Uncertainty 

Tues, Sept 12th: 3:15pm - 4:15pm EDT

While data has the power to be an effective driver for decision making, it relies on good hygiene and accurate inputs. Being able to identify misleading, poor quality data sets, and separate out the usable, reliable information is key to informing actionable insights. 


To help break it all down, this session will cover a variety of topics including: 


  • How do I differentiate noise from viable data?

  • How do I detect inaccuracies in complex data sets?

  • What processes can be built into future data collection to ensure more accurate data?

  • What are some ways to use active learning, deep learning, and distributed learning to solve problems within complex data sets?

  • What is fuzzy logic theory? What are its use cases?


This event is part of the Data Track for Startup Boston Week 2023. It is perfect for engineers, data managers, data architects and those at startups of any stage interested in ensuring data integrity.

beyond the buzz

What’s the BIG idea? Understanding the Impacts of Adopting Big Data

Tues, Sept 12th: 4:30pm - 5:30pm EDT 

We’re certainly in the era of big data and there’s no sign of slowing down. Understanding the immense value within a data set and how it can be analyzed to drive an effective strategy has never been more important. Discovering key trends and identifying patterns through a data lens helps startups make decisions about product features, marketing campaigns, target segmentations and more - all essential pieces for executing a successful growth strategy into the future.


Check out this discussion to get answers to questions including:


  • How does your company use big data? 

  • What industries do you think will be most disrupted by big data in the next five years? 

  • Do you think that startups have a disadvantage when it comes to big data? 

  • How can startups compete with larger companies when it comes to big data? 

  • Why is collecting and analyzing big data so important for startups?


This event is part of the Data Track and Founder Track for Startup Boston Week 2023. It is perfect for IT teams, operations managers, marketing managers, lead gen managers, and engineers.


Storytelling with Data: Leverage Marketing Data to Guide Your Narrative

Thurs, Sept 14th: 9:15am - 10:15am EDT 

Amplify your brand’s story with your data! Learn from our expert panel of marketing professionals about getting the most out of your marketing data and using it accurately and effectively:


  • What metrics and data points should you be looking at when crafting your brand identity?

  • How do you navigate your data pool and leverage insights to arrive at actionable conclusions?

  • How do you maintain data integrity and market your metrics honestly?

  • Should you outsource an analyst or hire one internally?


This event is part of the Sales & Marketing Track and Data Track for Startup Boston Week 2023. It is perfect for marketing and strategy professionals, founders and data managers looking to make the most of their data at early and growth stage companies.

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