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Growth hacking. You've heard this term, but do you truly understand what it is even after all this time?  

It's been around for less than 10 years, but growth hacking is and remains a legitimate strategy for many startups and established businesses. 

It remains just as relevant in the times we find ourselves in. The need for a systematic method to find your best growth opportunities has never been greater.

And yes, an engineer can be a growth hacker just as much as a marketing leader can. What matters is their focus. 

Growth Nation (presented by Startup Boston) is a new community to empower you with the tools to raise your odds of unlocking breakout growth, regardless of what department you're working in. 

Intended Audience: Anyone recently tasked with leading growth or wants to understand how the fastest-growing companies have focused their companies to achieve breakout growth.

We're partnering with Anuj Adhiya -- Author of "Growth Hacking for Dummies," VP of Growth at Jamber, and former Director of Engagement and Analytics at GrowthHackers.com -- to craft events that will provide you with knowledge you can use right now. We'll continue to build programming and create a community that we can all lean on as we deal with similar challenges.

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Anuj Adhiya

Author of "Growth Hacking for Dummies" (Wiley & Sons)

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