When and How to Hire IT Resources for Your Startup

Scaling IT Up:

June 10th @ 9:00am EDT

What do you think when you hear the phrase “IT department?” For most, they think of the people maintaining the hardware and technology that allows business operations to continue uninterrupted. And for most startupers, it’s one of the last things they consider.


During this panel, we’re going to focus on two areas of interest that you - the startuper - should care about. After all, in this remote and hybrid work world we’re living in, the IT department has changed - and it’s becoming more important than ever to have a secure infrastructure from your home office. 


First, we’ll chat about what an IT department actually is in this day and age, and why you should think about either outsourcing or hiring in-house IT help.


Next, we’ll then dive into building out this IT department and what you should consider. We'll discuss:


  • What the signs that your startup needs an IT department 

  • What is the future of the IT department in a startup?

  • What skill set should you be looking for in future IT hires? 

  • Common mistakes to avoid while doing IT hiring in startups.

  • How to build IT onsite and offshore team and keep the communication at the same level across the teams

  • And much more!


This is a must-attend event for anyone scaling their startup team. Don’t miss out! 

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