Investor Track

"Entrepreneurs usually don't listen to people. Trust them to do their job. Remember, you invested with the understanding the project was likely to fail." - Dave McClure

Are you looking to start your own fund? Considering joining a VC firm? Searching for the hottest companies in Boston to invest in? This track is for you! 

Perfect for: aspiring angel investors and those interested in entering the VC world.

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Dealflow Mixer: Connecting Founders and Investors

Wed, Sept 21st: 9:15am - 11:30am EDT | Location: Silicon Valley Bank, Boston

This mixer provides an opportunity for founders and investors to connect with one another. The focus of the Dealflow Mixer during SBW2022 is on commerce. In this case, we're excited to match investors and founders who are interested in and creating something that supports everything that goes into creating a successful commerce and ecommerce space.

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Building a Winning Portfolio: Identifying and Refining the Keys to Successful Investments

Fri, Sept 23rd: 8:00am - 9:00am EDT | Location: Virtual & at MassChallenge, 10 Fan Pier Boulevard, Boston

As deal volumes and sizes in the startup ecosystem continue to grow, so too does the number of investors participating in the space. Competition has become increasingly fierce, emphasizing the importance of maintaining smooth, relevant, and sound foundational processes. 


Tune in to this experienced panel of investors to hear more about the keys to establishing and retaining a winning portfolio in this dynamic environment. Questions to be answered will include: 


  • How can you tune your investments according to market trends?

  • How can you make your term sheets even better?

  • How do you manage risks versus profitability?

  • How should you segment or diversify your portfolio?

  • What tools should you be using to track and analyze your investments?

  • What is the relationship between good negotiation and building a winning portfolio?


This event is part of the Investor Track during Startup Boston Week 2022 and is perfect for growth stage or established investors seeking to rebuild their brand and modernize their strategy for success. 

Molding a Horse into a Unicorn: A Hands-On Approach for Investors to Scale their Startup

Fri, Sept 23rd: 9:15am - 10:15am EDT | Location: Virtual & at MassChallenge, 10 Fan Pier Boulevard, Boston

While outside investor capital can help to bolster liquidity and support the runway as a company scales, it takes more than additional dollars to solve a startup’s cash burn or lacking market need problems. The role of an effective investor extends well beyond its wallet; it is pivotal to have a sense of urgency and understand the specific role to play to help its portfolio company thrive. 


Join in on this session to hear from a star-studded panel of investors covering important questions including: 


  • How do you know what different startups in your portfolio need? 

  • What are the most common organizational issues during startup formation and how do you address them?

  • What is the right level of relationships you should have with founders vs. the board?

  • When is the right time to intervene on business decisions and how do you do it tactfully?

  • How should you partner with other financing channels benefiting a company in your portfolio? 


This event is part of the Investor Track during Startup Boston Week 2022 and is suited for boutique investment firms looking to play a more active role, providing more than just financial resources to founders and startups.


FIRE and Desire: Investing 101 for New Angels and Firms 

Fri, Sept 23rd: 10:30am - 11:30am EDT | Location: Virtual & at MassChallenge, 10 Fan Pier Boulevard, Boston

After accumulating wealth through successful exits or having influenced the startup ecosystem in a previous investment role, many are interested in continuing their investing endeavors as an angel or by starting their own firm. Whether pursuing a solo adventure or assembling a team, it’s often difficult to know where and how to start. 


Tune in to our panel of experienced angels and investment firm founders to hear more about their insights into a successful transition. They will cover a broad set of questions including: 


  • How do you determine your market differentiation?

  • How do you attract growing startups?

  • How important is it for your firm to have IP in investment strategies?

  • Who should be your first hire?


This event is part of the Investor Track during Startup Boston Week 2022 and is perfect for beginners to angel investing or starting their own firm including ex-founders, investment analysts or private equity professionals, future investment firm founders, and those subscribed to the “FIRE” (financial independence, retire early) philosophy. 


Lightning in a Bottle or Broken Glass?: Lessons Learned from Previous Investments 

Fri, Sept 23rd: 11:45am - 12:45pm EDT | Location: Virtual & at MassChallenge, 10 Fan Pier Boulevard, Boston

Investments play out with varying levels of success - some expected and some unexpected. Yet, with both failure and success comes important lessons on how to avoid repeatable mistakes and the knowledge for future improvement. 


Check out this panel of investors who will tell the stories of their own previous startup investments detailing what worked well and what didn’t. A few potential questions covered include: 


  • What did you learn from your repeated failures?

  • When is the right time to create a new fund?

  • How important is having IP for a startup?

  • When should angels cut the cord?

  • What hard rules and fast balls should you expect when networking with other investors?


This event is part of the Investor Track during Startup Boston Week 2022 and is great for investors looking to gain insights from their peers, building wisdom via other’s prior experiences to avoid facing similar issues in the future.  


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