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Lando & Anastasi was established in 2003 to provide excellent client service combined with highly skilled legal expertise for clients at every stage of growth. Our clients today are individuals, early-stage and venture-backed startups, and small and large national and global corporations.  The L&A legal team partners with clients to find creative and strategic solutions to complement each clients’ business imperatives across a wide range of industries including life sciences, software and computer technology, energy and green technology, water and waste treatment, medical devices, chemical and electrical engineering, among others.


L&A’s experienced legal team has a proven track record of securing and defending stable, commercially-significant intellectual property strategies for our clients.  This success includes recognizing opportunities and devising patent strategies that not only optimize IP protection within each client’s budget, but that also achieve their specific business goals.

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Meet the Lando & Anastasi Team

Nicole Palmer, Hiring Partner

Nicole works with clients of all sizes to leverage their intellectual assets through strategic patent portfolio development and management. She prosecutes patent applications domestically and abroad in a wide range of technologies. Nicole also provides litigation support and has experience with trademark clearance and protection. She handles intellectual property issues in a variety of industries, including those relating to chemical process control, water and waste treatment, energy and “green” technologies, specialty materials and coatings, molecular profiling, IT infrastructure, medical devices, and consumer products.

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David Roccio, Partner

David places a strong emphasis on taking a holistic view of a business and its goals when developing an IP strategy. He has extensive experience and an established practice in counseling startups - especially foreign-based startups who wish to launch their business in U.S. markets, or U.S.-based startups looking to expand abroad. His practice focuses on patent portfolio development and counseling clients on a range of IP-related issues. He has represented clients covering a broad spectrum of technologies, including 3D printing, surgical robotics, manufacturing, packaging, construction, switching and routing, data centers, uninterruptible power supplies, load centers, network-based conferencing/compression, programmable RF transceivers, digital imaging, semiconductor devices, and more.

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Resources from Lando & Anastasi

Have questions about how to identify, protect, or leverage your Intellectual Property assets?


Check out the Entrepreneurship Center on Our legal team has covered topics including patents, trademarks, license agreements, the Patent Cooperation Treaty, and many more in the IP Essentials Toolkit for Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Business Owners.

The following are a few sample questions and links directly to specific topics within the IP Essentials Toolkit.    

Our "IP Essentials: Patents" booklet answers questions such as: 

  • Should I file a patent, or can I maintain my invention as a trade secret?

  • What is a “provisional application?”

  • Does my U.S. patent protect me in foreign countries?

Our "IP Essentials: Software Patents" booklet answers questions such as: 

  • What makes a software patent unique?

  • Does my software need to be implemented to file a patent application?

  • How can I test my software without forfeiting patent rights?

Our "IP Essentials: Licensing Agreements" booklet answers questions such as: 

  • What is the difference between non-exclusive and exclusive licenses?

  • Can a license agreement be used as a defense?

  • Do I want to license the patent or the product?

Have more questions? Schedule a time to meet with one of our attorneys for a free consultation to learn more about how best to identify, protect, and leverage your intellectual property assets. Click here.

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About Lando & Anastasi - Lando & Anastasi's team includes thought leaders in the IP community. They work with startups across a broad range of industries.