Startup Boston's Pitch Workshop

Receive feedback on your pitch in real-time from VCs and angel investors.

Being able to accurately describe what your startup is, does, and offers is a key skill and as an entrepreneur, pitch desks will now be part of your life whether you like it or not. We’re here to help you perfect your pitch. 


Join us for this pitch event as four founders will have the opportunity to pitch to four Venture Capitalists in exchange for expert feedback and discussions on best practices for pitching your startup. VC’s will discuss the following:


  • What differentiates a good pitch from an average pitch? 

  •  With your limited time, what should you focus on in your pitch? 

  •  How can you make a virtual pitch more effective?  

  • Do VCs from different parts of the country view pitches differently? (i.e. is there any regional startup culture bias?)

Interested in pitching at the event? 

Are you the founder of a tech startup? Don't miss out on this opportunity to pitch in front of VCs and receive real-time feedback.