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Celebrate Startup Milestones: Issue #14

This week’s wrap-up of startup milestones is going to look a little bit different. Why? Because we’re celebrating two startups based outside of New England this week - as well as some awesome ones based here in Massachusetts, of course.

I honestly couldn’t help myself. A mutual connection liked both of the out-of-state accomplishments I’ll be sharing with you below and they were worth applauding!

As a quick reminder to those of you who are perhaps new to this weekly blog series, hosted by Startup Boston. Our mission with Celebrating Startup Milestones is to showcase the wins a startup experiences during their journey - not just landing funding, being acquired, or going through an IPO. We recognize and want to celebrate the whole startup journey. So let’s check out what some awesome startups did these past few weeks.


Date posted: Jan 3rd | Company location: Boston, MA

EditMate provides crowdsourced user-generated video content and helps create authentic marketing content for businesses as a result.


EditMate celebrated their five year anniversary!

Pharm Robotics

Date posted: Jan 20th | Company location: San Jacinto, California

Pharm Robotics is creating a robotic injection system for the dairy business. In short, they are increasing animal health standards and will become the first platform for artificial intelligence within dairy and beef.


After three year, they were officially issued the utility patent that the co-founders wrote back in 2017.


Date posted: Jan 15th | Company location: Boston, MA

CareAcademy provides evidence-based online classes for non-medical professional and family caregivers.


Yes, two milestones were hit for this startup! CareAcademy had a New Product Release! Their course library now features over 300+ hours of ANCC accredited nursing continuing education courses AND they announced their new partnership with Wild Iris Medical Education. Read all about it right here.

Attn: Grace

Date posted: Jan 15th | Company location: Boston, MA

Attn: Grace is the first sustainable wellness brand built for women, by women, as we age.


This startup is excited to be named one of the 12 best (OBGYN-approved) feminine wipes by Glamour. Check it out right here.

Foodspace Tech

Date posted: Jan 3rd | Company location: Boston, MA

Foodspace Tech is a machine learning technology company that builds ground truth data and consumer centric attributes for the CPG industry.


Foodspace was accepted into the Salesforce Accelerate BUILD Program - Cohort 10!

Parean Biotechnologies

Date posted: Jan 18th | Company location: Saint-Malo, France

Parean Biotechnologies is a research and service company, for preclinical and clinical programs, addressing or using the immune system.


It was Launch Day for Parean Biotechnologies - good luck, team!


Date posted: Jan 19th | Company location: Boston, MA

Plannuh helps marketers easily create and manage marketing plans and budgets.


Plannuah has grown 5x last year alone! And they’re bringing even MORE amazing people to their high-growth startup. Awesome job!

Share Your Milestone With Us

What have you accomplished over the past few weeks? Come on, we both know there is SOMETHING awesome you’ve done! No matter how small, we want to know and celebrate you. Drop your startup milestone right here. We look forward to hearing from you!


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