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Your B2B Tech Sales Bootcamp

"Make a customer, not a sale."

- Katherine Barchetti

Creating the product is only one part of battle - learning how to successfully sell what you’ve created is where the victory lies.  


This is exactly why Startup Boston is breaking down your sales process. Our hope is that this sales bootcamp will empower you and your team to convert leads into paying customers. And guide you through the process of creating and improving your sales processes for your team. 

Cold Calling: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

It's okay if you're anxious prior to a cold call or email. But it's not okay if you're ill-prepared. This talk will take a good look at the sales templates you've prepared and help you refine and improve your approach.


Allyson Barr

Chief Marketing Officer, StackState

Jodi-Tatiana Charles

Founder, LCG Brands Consulting

After the Calendar Invite: Selling Your Product's Value

Your prospect has agreed to jump on a call with you - this is great news! But now what? Join us for a presentation breaking down how to maneuver the waters of your first warm call.


Lori Richardson

B2B Sales / Revenue Growth Strategist, Score More Sales

Bridget Gleason

Head of Sales & Customer Success, Tidelift

Lilian Mitchell

Sr. Sales Program Manager, Quickbase

Brian Fisher

Director Sales Engineering, AppDynamics

How to Leverage the Partner Ecosystem and Boost Your Pipeline

Warm intros to potential customers makes the world go round...or at least it makes your startup sales life a bit easier. Join us for a panel discussion that will break down how you can begin a channel or partner program to fuel your startup's sales strategy. 

Patrick Keating.jpg
Vanessa Young.jpg

Paul Rios

Dir. of Sales, Latin America Direct, HubSpot

Vanessa Young

Partner Sales Manager, Zscaler

Patrick Keating

Director of Partner Sales, TDS

Kelley Bontemps

Head of Network Convergence, Carta

Herding Sales Cats: The Best Practices You Need

It's important to have your sales team working as, well, a team. During this panel, we'll chat about best practices you should have in place prior to onboarding new hires - and how to support and measure their success. 

Dan Britman.jpg

Dan Britman

Director of Customer Success, Lucidworks

Amahl Williams

Director, SYKES Digital Services

A.J. Fuentes Twombly

Director of Sales, Mobilize

We Need to Talk: Handling Deal Negotiations

We all have that "end of our rope" moment, so how do we know when it equates to the prospect not being a fit for your startup? During this event, we'll roleplay a few situations you may see in your startup's life, specifically around negotiating contracts.


Dan Weinberg

Regional VP, AppDynamics

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