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Startup Boston Week 2021

Watch the full-length recordings below.

We're excited to share the excitement of our fifth-annual Startup Boston Week with you! All sessions from this startup conference are now available on-demand directly below. 

Check out the content that is offered across twelve tracks:

Founder Track

Startup Storytelling: Legal Issues in Brand Promotion 

We'll cover trademarks and copyrights, dishonesty, controversial branding and marketing to children. WATCH NOW.

Brain Domain: Identifying and Protecting IP

Get tips on negotiating license agreements with universities, learn more about what disclosure means for your IP rights. WATCH NOW.

Raising Growth Capital Through Regulation A

We will discuss what you, as a founder, should know about Regulation A and how you can utilize it to raise growth capital your company. WATCH NOW.

Workforce Source: How to scale from 10 to 100 employees when you are too busy to hire

Whether you’re looking to hire 10 or 100 people, this group will address central questions around maintaining quality and culture attracting and retaining top talent. WATCH NOW.

Raising Your Series A: Negotiating the Term Sheet

Will take you through the typical terms of a term sheet, what you should focus on, red flags, and negotiation tactics to help get you the best deal. WATCH NOW.

Early-Stage Equity: What to Consider Before Allocating Equity

Your early stage startup’s equity can be your largest incentive for attracting future hires - learn what you should know prior to allocating it. WATCH NOW.

Startup Finance 101: Understanding the Basics on Your Way to Profitability

During this talk, we’ll be be answering those burning questions that stand between you and profitability. WATCH NOW.

Opposites Impact: Finding Your Cofounder Match

In any startup, co-founders need clear role delineation, alongside a willingness to wear multiple hats. Learn more about finding a great cofounder! WATCH NOW.

Leadership Styles for Startups: Unpacking the Personas of Successful Leaders

How can CEOs ensure that their growth as leaders is on-pace with that of their companies? WATCH NOW.

I Did it My Way: Should You Go Solo as a Founder?

Join us for a discussion with founders who decided against finding a cofounder to cover topics from. WATCH NOW.

Shared Cent-iments: Bootstrapping and Crowdfunding 

Join a panel of crowdfunding platform executives to weigh the options before you devote effort to securing your cash runway! WATCH NOW.

Minute-by-Minute Pitching: Frameworks to Nail the 3, 5, 7, and 10 Minute Pitch Iterations 

Join a group of founders in various stages of growth as they share frameworks for adjusting your pitch to deliver your idea across contexts. WATCH NOW.

Hit the Deck: How to Create an Inspiring Pitch

Join David Chang to explore the dos, don’ts, and bones of a solid pitch deck. WATCH NOW.

The Right Fit: Are You the Right CEO to Take Your Startup to Scale?

Join CEOs who have made the transition and investors who have witnessed the shift for a fireside chat. WATCH NOW.

Raise Craze: Deciding Among Angel Investors, VC, and Private Equity

Learn from our speakers how to determine the right investor category for your stage and situation, how to identify synergy between your goals and investors’ priorities, work style, and typical timelines to target. WATCH NOW.

Strategy Stack: Create the Advisory Board of Your Dreams

Learn how to build the perfect group of strategic advisors. WATCH NOW.

Scale Smart or Bust: Prioritizing Spend for Growing Startups

Join experienced CFOs, VCs, and growth-stage founders to demystify and simplify the process of prioritizing your spend as a growing startup. WATCH NOW.

Pitch Perfect: Live VC Feedback for Startup Pitches

Join us for this pitch event as four founders will have the opportunity to pitch to four Venture Capitalists in exchange for expert feedback and discussions on best practices for pitching your startup. WATCH NOW.

Great Expectations: Exploring Challenges and Opportunities for Female Entrepreneurs in Boston

Join us for a virtual roundtable panel discussion with some of the startup communities most inspiring women, as they share perspectives and experiences on running and working for a startup. WATCH NOW.

Hardware & Software Engineering Tracks

School's Out: Transitioning R&D from Academia to Your Startup                              This session will help CTOs and the startup-curious evaluate the merit of crucial steps in the process. WATCH NOW.

DIY or Don't Do It Yourself: Building Platforms, Infrastructure, and Strategic Partnership as a Startup

Partnerships are essential to getting startup platforms off the ground, and can be a complex dance. WATCH NOW.

Value Stream Demystified: From Business Hypothesis to Production Code

A panel of specialists from product, engineering, and data teams talk through systems for experimentation that will help any start-up quickly iterate and improve. WATCH NOW.

AI, Oh My: The Value & Limitations of Machine Learning for Your Startup

Machine learning: you’ve heard the hype, but how do you know if it’s right for you and your startup? And will it truly provide your company with a competitive advantage? WATCH NOW.

Tortoise and Hare: Increasing Speed Without Sacrificing Quality

This panel will discuss how engineering teams can define both speed and quality of work — and cover ways to improve both simultaneously. WATCH NOW.

Dream Team: How to Structure a Successful Engineering Team

Whether you’re just starting to hire or ready to scale, this event will give you the confidence you need to build a winning engineering team. WATCH NOW.

Success With Less: Tools to Build Products With Minimal Resources

Get recommendations from experts on the third party services that provide the best value for engineers. Discover tools that can do double duty and help you make shortcuts, without sacrificing quality. WATCH NOW.

Founder Track

People Ops Track

Leading by Influence: How People Ops Professionals Can Get Executive Buy-in

Join us for this expert panel to discover how you can step into a leadership role in your startup and generate executive buy-in for your initiatives. WATCH NOW.

Executive Recruiting: How to Find Your Next Great Leader

In this interactive workshop, you’ll develop skills and a framework to power your executive recruiting program. WATCH NOW.

People Ops 101: Getting Started and Navigating Your New Career in People Ops

This panel is designed to coach people who are new to or considering the People Ops field on how to launch a successful career in this mission-critical space. WATCH NOW.

Through Thick and Thin: How to Engage and Retain Employees Through Challenging Circumstances

This panel will unpack both the tactical/ procedural side of employee engagement as well as the human side. WATCH NOW.

A Culture of Belonging: How to Develop a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy that Works

Join this panel of experts to explore frameworks and thought work around developing a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization. WATCH NOW.

Virtual Possibilities: How to Create Remarkable Hiring and Onboarding Experiences for Remote Candidates

This panel discussion will focus on how to build the trust and rapport needed to woo top-talent from a distance. WATCH NOW.

Health, Hustle, and Burnout: The State of Startup Mental Health

This expert panel is here to get us talking about the state of startup mental health. WATCH NOW.

People Ops

Product & Design Track

Customize to the Customer: Serving Delightful UI in B2B and B2C

You may be asking yourself, just how different should a design strategy be for B2B vs B2C startups? We're here to discuss this - and more! WATCH NOW.

Proof in the Pudding: Identifying and Measuring Product Metrics for Success

In both the early and growth stages of a startup, learning what works and what doesn’t work is key to future success. Learn how to do this. WATCH NOW.

Scaling Up: How to Create an Amazing Product Team

When you’re starting a company, as a founder, you have the de facto role of every single department, but now it's time to build your product team. WATCH NOW.

To the Left: Centering User Experience in Your Product Roadmap

In this panel discussion, our experts will be discussing how to integrate the user experience in product development. WATCH NOW.

Product & Design

Startup Curious Track

Ready for the Journey: Identifying Startup Founders for Scale Versus Small Business Optimizers

From the right questions to ask, to outside tools you can use to get the scoop — you’ll leave this panel knowing exactly how to pick your next job. WATCH NOW.

A Clash of Cultures: Startup Shifts When Coming from a Corporation

This panel will give you the real story about what you can expect when you join your first start-up — and how you can make that transition as smooth as possible. WATCH NOW.

To Dive or Wade: Getting Into the Startup Swimlane

In this panel, you’ll hear about both experiences — people who first entered start-up life as a side-gig or part-time job, as well as those who took the plunge all at once. WATCH NOW.

Networking for People Who Work: How to Build Your Connections in Your Downtime

This panel will teach you how to optimize your networking opportunities. WATCH NOW.

Startup Curious

Investor Track

Dealing in Deep Tech: How and When to Invest in Technology that You Don’t Understand

Join us for a panel with venture capital advisors and deep tech investors to explore the risk and reward of investing in the deep tech space. WATCH NOW.

Investors without Borders: Does Geography Matter Anymore in Investing?

Join this panel of investors to debate and discuss the importance—or not—of geography to startup investing in 2021. WATCH NOW.

Angels and Demons: Sourcing Great Deals and Avoiding Pitfalls in Angel Investing

Join us for a panel discussion on angel investing for beginners—exploring the do's, don’ts, and pitfalls. WATCH NOW.

Crowdfunding and Cap Tables: How to Be Successful in the Crowd Investing Space

Join us for a panel to explore the role of crowdfunding in the startup space. WATCH NOW.


Data Track

A Market Mindset: Using Market Research to Generate Opportunities

Join this expert panel to explore actionable tactics for deepening your understanding of your market and competitors in pursuit of a perfect product-market fit. WATCH NOW.

Actionable Insights: Business Intelligence for Startups

During this event, you’ll learn how to leverage actionable insights toward your own business intelligence. WATCH NOW.

Head in the Clouds: Should the Future of Data Storage be Cloud Storage?

In this age of Big Data and big breaches, your company’s data storage and security plan may be of the utmost consequence. Join to learn if the future of storage is cloud. WATCH NOW.

Picture This: The Power and Principles of Data Visualization

Join us for this data visualization workshop for an interactive introduction to the power of data visualization. WATCH NOW.


Student Track

Double Time: Building an Enterprise While Still in School

Join entrepreneurs who started their journey in school for a fireside chat touching on the process, experience, and resources you can leverage to get it off the ground while getting your degree. WATCH NOW.

Trained to Learn: How a Liberal Arts Degree Supports the Skills of Entrepreneurship

Speakers will explore the types of roles available to folks with liberal and fine arts backgrounds, centering the importance of curiosity and creativity in the flexible, unpredictable world of startups. WATCH NOW.

What Now: Entrepreneurial Options for New College Grads

You've been working on your startup, pursuing your MBA or curious about entering the startup world - what do you do now that graduation is moving closer? WATCH NOW.


Marketing & Sales Track

Make it Rain: How to Find Your Authentic Sales Style

This workshop turns reluctant business leaders into rainmakers by encouraging you to adopt a plan and a process that feels genuine to you. WATCH NOW.

Outside the Box: How One-Person Marketing Teams Can Incorporate Diverse Viewpoints

This panel will cover some ways a one-person marketing team can get outside insights, create an authentic environment that encourages communication and honesty, and build an inclusive marketing culture from the get-go. WATCH NOW.

Brand on a Budget: The Best Free Tools for Bootstrapping Marketing

This panel will cover the best tools you can use to make smart decisions, get valuable learnings, and drive excellent results — all without spending a cent. WATCH NOW.

Highway to Sell: Forming Your Business Development and Sales Strategy

This panel covers how founders or other early stage start-up employees can form their first sales strategy. WATCH NOW.

Scale to Pre-Sale: Building an All-Star Pre-Sales Team

Learn how to build a successful pre-sales team — from the roles you’ll need to fill to how your pre-sales team can work with the rest of your company. WATCH NOW.

Startups are for Closers: Hiring Your First Salesperson

Experts in the field will discuss how you know when it’s time to bring on a salesperson, winning ways to recruit talent that will elevate your sales strategy, and how to best prepare your first salesperson for success. WATCH NOW.

#famous: Building and Maintaining an Influencer Community Around Your Product

A group of founders and leaders in customer success and marketing will share examples from early on that drove results for them and helped convert customers into champions for their brand. WATCH NOW.


Customer Success & Support Track

People Craft: Getting Into and Growing in Customer Support

Join this panel of customer experience reps, managers and people ops to explore all things CX related. WATCH NOW.

Assembling the Avengers: Building and Scaling a CX Dream Team 

Join a community of CX managers and People Operations experts as they discuss the do’s and don'ts of building as well as scaling a great customer support team. WATCH NOW.

Long Term Relationships: Achieving and Sustaining the Success of Your Clients and Customers

Learn from leaders and customer success professionals as they unpack how customer success teams can achieve and sustain relationships with clients and customers. WATCH NOW.

Pricing Pains: How To Fix Your Broken Model

Learn which pricing model is best for you and tactics and strategies to push them further down your pricing plan. WATCH NOW.

Customer Success is Startup Success: How CX Fits Into Your Organization 

More startups are recognizing the importance of customer success, that’s why we gathered a great panel of customer success gurus that have experience working in the early stages and growth stages of startups. WATCH NOW.

Kaleidoscope of Folks: Centering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Customer Treatment

Join this panel of experts to explore best practices and thought work around developing a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive customer experience. WATCH NOW.


Did you love what you saw at Startup Boston Week 2021? Looking to get involved and help connect the startup community? This is your chance! 

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