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Startup Boston Week 2022

Watch the full-length recordings below.

We're excited to share the excitement of our sixth-annual Startup Boston Week with you! All sessions (except our Student Track) from this startup conference are now available on-demand directly below. 

Check out the content that is offered across eleven tracks:

Founder Track

Party of One: How to Navigate Being a Solo Founder

If you are a solo founder looking for guidance on managing it alone or wondering whether your startup would be more successful with a solo founder - then this panel is for you. WATCH NOW.

Spring Forward Never Fall Backward: Navigating the Downturns in Revenue

If you’re starting a new company or struggling to maintain consistent revenue, then this event is for you. WATCH NOW.

Just the Two of Us: Navigating Co-Founder Dynamics 

The experts will explore the benefits and challenges of starting a company solo vs in a team. WATCH NOW.

Put Me in Coach: Hiring and Delegating at an Early-Stage Startup

We’re excited to chat with founders who have been in your shoes before and can speak to how they prevented themselves from being the bottleneck at their rapidly growing startup and how they overcame their hesitations of delegating for the first time. WATCH NOW.

The Price is Right: Understanding Your Revenue Model

This session will help budding founders think outside the box when creating their revenue model so they don't feel cornered by an industry standard. WATCH NOW.

One of a Kind: Identifying What Makes Your Startup Unique

For founders, sales teams and marketing teams looking to pinpoint their unique value proposition, this workshop is for you! WATCH NOW.

FUNdraising: How to Nail Your Fundraising Strategy Before It Nails You

Learn from experts on how to approach your fundraising strategy so you can do what you were meant to do - build your business! WATCH NOW.

Wham, Bam, Overestimating TAM: Get the Deets about TAM, SAM and SOM

Understanding TAM, SAM and SOM is essential when speaking to investors and customers, so you need to have your numbers down flat. Get to know and love them! WATCH NOW.

Ask the Customer Base: Deciding When to Pivot

This session is perfect for founders who have been moving down the path towards MVP but have come to realize that their target market needs a slightly different solution. WATCH NOW.

Follow the Leader: How to Manage a Team and Create Company Culture

Learn from the best on how to ensure that you are creating a company culture where employees want to contribute and do the best work possible in a fun, engaging, encouraging atmosphere.  WATCH NOW.

We Need to Talk: Why Communication Matters and How to Do It Successfully

As you scale, you’ll need to stay on top of your internal communication. For founders and HR teams hoping to nail down their communication strategies and improve them as they scale, this presentation is for you! WATCH NOW.

Mentors Versus Advisors: Which One is Best for You? 

Founders need support to help them grow their business, but understanding how to incorporate the right set of experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy mentors and advisors can be challenging. WATCH NOW.

Phone a Friend: How to Approach Friends and Family Funding

It’s always a fine line asking for investment from these folks in your inner circle. Hear from those who have been there and get advice on the best way to approach this funding round. WATCH NOW.

A Fair Share: Equity 101 for Early Stage Founders

During this presentation, we'll will break down the basics of equity - specifically covering the cap table and vesting schedule basics. . WATCH NOW.

Raising Your First Round: Key Things Founders Need to Know to Be Successful

Raising capital can seem like a daunting task, even for experienced founders. Gaining an understanding of the key steps and the critical terms can help demystify the process and set you on the path to success. WATCH NOW.

Talk Crypto to Me: What You Need to Know (Legally) About Crypto and NFTs for Your Startup

If you're creating (or thinking of creating) a platform that utilizes crypto in general (such as tokens or coins) or NFTs in particular, this is a can't miss course! WATCH NOW.

Working (Cost-Effectively) With Lawyers: Tips for Entrepreneurs on Developing a Productive Relationship with Outside Counsel

A good lawyer can be a huge asset to a startup, but most first time founders have never worked with a lawyer and don’t know how to find the right one for their startup.  WATCH NOW.

Competitive Advantage: Identifying and Protecting Your IP

Hear from investors, startup founders, and IP counsel about the importance of undergoing a comprehensive due diligence review and what startups can do to identity risks and opportunities in their particular market. WATCH NOW.

Suit Up!: When Should You Hire Your First Lawyer

Be it contractual negotiations or fundraising due diligence, there comes a time in the lifecycle of a startup when in-house counsel becomes a necessity. WATCH NOW.

Don’t Fear the Turbulence: Understanding the Market’s Paradigm Shift in Fundraising and Term Sheets

When raising capital and entering negotiations, there are essential principles to know and follow—along with more investor-friendly deal terms that are re-emerging on term sheets. WATCH NOW.

Engineering Track

Leveling Up: Growing Your Technical and Managerial Skills as an Engineer

During this fireside chat we'll talk about how to continuously improve your technical skills and best practices to work on your managerial skills. WATCH NOW.

Spaces or Tabs?: Hiring Your Software Engineering Team

Finding the best software engineering talent for your startup is very tough. How do you compete against tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Hubspot, Rapid7 and Akamai? WATCH NOW.

What the Web3: What You Need to Know for Your Startup

Web3 is all a buzz - but what does it mean for your startup? If you’re unsure what Web3 is all about and how it can provide your startup with a competitive edge, then this session is for you. WATCH NOW.

The Devil is in the DevOps: Creating Your DevOp Strategy & Team

Including DevOps in your day-to-day increases efficiency and improves delivery time. But when is it time for your startup to utilize this method? WATCH NOW.

Infrastructure-as-Code: Lessons Learned from 100+ Customer Deployments

In this presentation, we will discuss the lessons learned from 100+ cloud deployments for automation, security and developer productivity with a no code/low code approach to cloud infrastructure provisioning and management. WATCH NOW.

Building Software on a Budget: Best Practices for Your Startup

We'll take you through the best practices you should adhere to when checking-in with your product and engineering teams to ensure speedy development. And how you should think about future-proofing your software. WATCH NOW.

Founder Track

People Ops Track

Brave New World: How to Build a Remote Team Culture

It's crucial to be aware of best practices across in-person, remote, and hybrid environments that support efforts to attract, engage and retain your employees. WATCH NOW.

Messaging into the Abyss: Personalizing Candidate Outreach and Employer Brand

When it comes to attracting top talent, establishing relevance with potential employees and evangelizing your brand can go a long way in landing key hires at an early stage.  WATCH NOW.

Walking the Walk: Taking Care of Yourself in People Ops

While the growing emphasis on employee well-being and satisfaction has given rise to improvements to workplace culture, it’s also given rise to a multitude of questions for HR & People Ops teams as well as leadership. WATCH NOW.

A Culture of Belonging: How to Create and Sustain a DEI Strategy on a Budget

During this panel, we'll hear from the experts on how you can create a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive organization - without breaking the bank. WATCH NOW.

Benefits & Perks, Oh My!: Scaling Happy Hours to Health Insurance Packages as You Grow

In the world of remote and hybrid work, additional benefits and perks have become a crucial tool to compete in talent attraction, align employee and company growth, and ultimately help shape company culture. WATCH NOW.

Team of One: Building a Scalable People Ops Operations

During this lighting talk, we will discuss themes across People Ops Tech, Hiring/Recruiting, Learning & Development, and Compliance. WATCH NOW.

Chutes & (Career) Ladders: Architecting a Scalable Comp Plan

As companies grow, it is important to establish a compensation philosophy that not only satisfies employees, but enables your teams to foster career development and scale across a remote/hybrid workforce. WATCH NOW.

Hiring in 2023: Let's Workshop Your Employer Branding

The hiring landscape is shifting. What you were doing earlier this year needs to change as you go into 2023 - especially if you're looking to find and successfully recruit top-tier talent for your startup. WATCH NOW.

Show Me the Data: A Deep-Dive into Startup Salary Trends

As you’re hiring for your startup, it’s important to know how much salary and equity to give your employees. WATCH NOW.

People Ops

Product & Design Track

Do You Want Me?: How to Start and Continue User Research

How do you go about starting user research - and continuously keeping up with it as your startup grows?  WATCH NOW.

Deliberately Designed: Accessibility & Current Trends in UX/UI

As you design your product, it’s important that you think about the overall user journey and take it into consideration with your design. WATCH NOW.

Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines!: Launching Products Efficiently

It’s so important that when you push a new product or feature to your customers, that it goes extremely well.  WATCH NOW.

Let's Build Trust: Creating Synergy Between Product and Engineering Teams

While the engineers focus on providing creative solutions, the product managers will be focused on providing specific solutions catered to the engineering task. So how do you create that synergy between these two teams? WATCH NOW.

Join the Ride: Creating a Start Product Team

When you’re starting a company, as a founder, you have the de facto role of every single department. But as you grow, it’s important that you find the right people to join your team. WATCH NOW.

Product & Design

Startup Curious Track

What's Hot?: Technology & Trends Fueling Boston's Startup Community

Some sectors are growing exponentially faster than others. But what are they? What is their potential? And more importantly: how can I get in on it, especially if I may not have expertise in the space? WATCH NOW.

Canvassing for Ideas: How to Utilize the Business Model Canvas

Just getting an idea off the ground? The business model canvas is a tool that many startups use, to organize and test their ideas before a hard launch. WATCH NOW.

Taking the Leap: Stories from Founders on How They Became Entrepreneurs

With a focus on mental health, this event will discuss the difficulties that come along with being a founder, especially around figuring out what “that perfect moment” is for starting a business.  WATCH NOW.

The Scrappy Playbook: What to Think About Before Starting a Company

It's already difficult to raise money as a founder - but now it's more difficult than ever. Does that mean you should put your founder dreams and ambitions on hold? Absolutely not. WATCH NOW.

Startup Curious

Investor Track

Building a Winning Portfolio: Identifying and Refining the Keys to Successful Investments

Tune in to this experienced panel of investors to hear more about the keys to establishing and retaining a winning portfolio in this dynamic environment. WATCH NOW.

FIRE and Desire: Investing 101 for New Angels and Firms

Tune in to our panel of experienced angels and investment firm founders to hear more about their insights into a successful transition. WATCH NOW.

Molding a Horse into a Unicorn: A Hands-On Approach for Investors to Scale Their Startup

The role of an effective investor extends well beyond its wallet; it is pivotal to have a sense of urgency and understand the specific role to play to help its portfolio company thrive. WATCH NOW.

Lightning in a Bottle or Broken Glass?: Lessons Learned from Previous Investments

Check out this panel of investors who will tell the stories of their own previous startup investments detailing what worked well and what didn’t. WATCH NOW.


Data Track

Dipping a Toe into Data: An Overview for Those Interested or New to a Career in Data

This panel of data recruiters will explain the importance of data to the company/ies they have worked for, as well as what skills are key to success in the hunt for a job in data. WATCH NOW.

Dealing with Data: Breaking Down the Process from Collection to Actionable Insights

Join this elite panel of data gurus to hear their recommendation on setting up and best leveraging the data available to you. WATCH NOW.

Assembling an Analytical Army: How to Structure and Manage Your Data Team

This panel will provide guidance and personal anecdotes on creating a data and analytics team at an early stage startup. WATCH NOW.

Beyond the Buzz: A Deep Dive into Understanding Big Data

This panel of seasoned data experts will take you beyond the headlines and into the weeds of what Big Data is as well as the role it has to play in the future. WATCH NOW.

Blockchain from 30,000 Feet: An Overview on the Complex Technology and It's Role in Startups

This panel will provide an overview of the power of blockchain technology and the role it is continuing to play in the startup ecosystem. WATCH NOW.


Customer Success & Support Track

Customer Support 101: Setting Up the Function

In this workshop we will learn how to set up the crucial function of customer support. WATCH NOW.

Set Them Up for Success: Building a Great Customer Success Team

During this session, you will have the opportunity to hear both a people leader and a customer success leader about how to set up your Customer Success team for success.  WATCH NOW.

Building Empathy: Customer Journey Through the Customer Success Lens

Think about the great products you use everyday and their common denominator - they all have a great user experience from the moment you sign up to the moment you make a purchase. WATCH NOW.

Everyone Wants a Representative: Scaling Customer Support

In this panel, we will discuss how to scale customer support when experiencing high growth. WATCH NOW.

Temperature Check: Measuring Customer Health

We will have experts sharing their stories of success and failure with customer retention, favorite interventions, and much more. WATCH NOW.

Serving an Equal Experience: Inclusive Customer Support 

This panel will be focusing on how to create an inclusive customer support environment and experience. WATCH NOW.


Marketing & Sales Track

Building the Revenue Engine: Creating a Sales Funnel - Process and Practice 

This panel will unpack everything there is to know about creating a sales funnel and how to develop process and practice. WATCH NOW.

Know Your Opponent: Competitive Intelligence for Startup Sales and Marketing

This panel will unpack all there is to know about competitive intelligence for startup sales and marketing. WATCH NOW.

Outsourcing vs In-House: How Should Your Sales Team Be Set-Up?

This session will unpack the different views about outsourcing sales vs. keeping them in-house. WATCH NOW.

Fake It Till You Make It?: Marketing a MVP or Beta Product

It’s hard to market an MVP - especially since your MVP will usually miss some key features your competitors may have or your audience wants.  WATCH NOW.

Being the New Sensation: Can You Make a Product Go Viral? 

This talk will center on how you can make a product go viral and all you need to think about when doing it. WATCH NOW.

To Infinity and Beyond: Scaling Product Market Fit

We will walk you through how to start a company that’s built to achieve product market fit from the get-go. WATCH NOW.


Did you love what you saw at Startup Boston Week 2022? Looking to get involved and help connect the startup community? This is your chance! 

Click here to learn more about joining our all-volunteer team. We're excited to meet you.

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