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Student Track - Startup Boston Week
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Ready to connect with your peers who are currently in school or have recently graduated? Grab your free ticket for Startup Boston Week 2024 on Sept 9th - 13th today! 

All sessions are available BOTH in-person at Suffolk University and virtually. 

THE FUTURE IS NOW: THE LEGAL TECH STARTUP SCENE (presented by Suffolk University)

Perfect for: founders building a company in legal tech or startup enthusiasts eager to learn about the legal tech startup scene

Discover how trailblazers are reshaping legal work through innovative educational approaches, new tech solutions, and groundbreaking business models.

In this session, visionary leaders will share how they're revolutionizing the legal industry. We'll specifically explore:

  • Leveraging emerging technologies to disrupt the legal tech industryHow founders are

  • Opportunities for building startups in legal services and legal tech

  • Best practices for navigating the legal industry as a founder

  • New educational approaches to prepare students and professionals to thrive in a changing legal field 


And so much more! Bring your questions and get ready to be inspired.


Perfect for: students who are keen on continuing the pursuit of entrepreneurship post-graduation and grad students that are actively building their startups while in the academic world

Join us for an enlightening panel discussion on the intersection of academia and entrepreneurship! Explore how academic backgrounds influence entrepreneurial mindsets and approaches. This session will discuss the intersection of academia and entrepreneurship, including: 


  • How an academic background influences your entrepreneurial mindset and approach 

  • The most significant challenges you will encounter when transitioning from academia to the startup world and how to overcome them 

  • How to navigate skepticism or resistance from the academic community or industry stakeholders

  • Approaching technology transfer and intellectual property considerations when transitioning your research into a startup


Join us as we delve into these topics and uncover insights from experts who have navigated the academia-to-entrepreneurship journey firsthand.


Perfect for: students who are studying law and entrepreneurship students who are interested in diving more into legal tech

What is legal tech? And, moreover, what are its implications for reshaping traditional legal practices. In this session, we will delve into the diverse roles and career paths available to students interested in this field, and uncover the resources and programs designed to support their journey, including: 

  • Key roles and career paths available to students interested in legal tech, both within law firms and legal tech companies

  • Resources or programs available to help students prepare for careers in legal tech, such as internships, mentorship opportunities, or specialized courses

  • Current trends and challenges shaping the legal tech industry, and how students stay informed and adaptable in this rapidly evolving field


Join us as we explore these topics in depth and gain valuable insights from experts who are shaping the future of legal tech.


Perfect for: tech enthusiasts, founders and students in STEM fields

Learn more about the ethical considerations surrounding the development and deployment of AI technologies. Explore key ethical challenges, including biases and dilemmas inherent in AI systems, and the potential consequences of these issues on individuals and society. 


We’ll specifically discuss: 

  • What are some of the key ethical challenges and considerations in the development and deployment of AI technologies?

  • How can we ensure transparency and accountability in AI systems, particularly when it comes to decision-making processes and outcomes?

  • How can stakeholders collaborate to establish ethical guidelines and standards for AI development and deployment?


Join us as we delve into these complex ethical issues and explore strategies for fostering ethical AI practices that benefit society while minimizing harm.


Perfect for: students looking to navigate the startup fundraising landscape

Join us for an informative discussion on navigating fundraising for student entrepreneurs. 


Alternative funding options, such as pitch competitions, grants, SAFE notes, and debt financing, offer student entrepreneurs additional avenues to raise capital without relinquishing equity. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, and entrepreneurs should consider factors such as funding amounts, terms, and potential dilution when deciding between traditional and alternative funding routes.


During this session we’ll specifically discuss: 

  • The key differences between angel funding and VC funding rounds

  • How to prepare for and navigate different fundraising stages effectively

  • Alternative funding routes available to startups


Perfect for: students looking to find a mentor for their professional development

Join us for an enlightening discussion on the power of mentorship and how to cultivate meaningful mentor-mentee relationships. Explore the tangible benefits of having a mentor, from gaining valuable insights and guidance to expanding professional networks and accelerating personal growth.

We’ll address your questions, such as: 

  • How can individuals identify their specific mentorship needs and goals?

  • What strategies can one use to find a suitable mentor?

  • What are some common misconceptions about mentorship, and how can they be addressed?

  • How can mentees establish and maintain a productive relationship with their mentor?


Perfect for: student entrepreneurs that are looking to learn from those who have been in their shoes before - and are looking to build a network and support system of other student founders

How can you effectively navigate the dual responsibilities of academic life and building your startup? You’re essentially managing the workload of two people! 


During this session, we’ll discuss: 

  • Time management strategies for balancing academics and startup commitments

  • How to overcome challenges and setbacks while pursuing both endeavors

  • How to leverage academic resources and support for entrepreneurial ventures

  • Tips for maintaining mental well-being and avoiding burnout


Perfect for: students and startup curious folks who are thinking about participating in a hackathon

During this session, we’ll explore the power of hackathons! Diving into the unique opportunities hackathons provide for individuals to explore innovative ideas and solutions, contribute to skill development and learning within diverse teams, and fuel personal and professional growth.

We’ll dive into questions, such as: 

  • How can student founders utilize hackathons to build their product or expand on their runway? 

  • Aside from having a great time, what mindful approach should student founders take when partaking in a hackathon? 

  • How can you best utilize hackathons to build your skill set in the startup world? 

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Startup Boston Week is where the whole startup community gathers - all industries, all startup departments and all bootstrapped and funding stages to gather.

Grace Walsh - Startup Boston

Meet Grace Walsh! Grace is our Student Track Co-Lead for Startup Boston Week 2024. This is her first year on the Startup Boston Organizing Team.


Some fun facts about her: the TV or movie character that they feel best describes their personality is Spiderman, otherwise known as Peter Parker, and the one thing she cannot go a day without is her Spotify playlists. Look them up and connect with them on LinkedIn.

Courage - Startup Boston

Meet Courage Chakanza! Courage is our Student Track Co-Lead for Startup Boston Week 2024. This is his first year on the Startup Boston Organizing Team.

Some fun facts about him: the TV or movie character that they feel best describes their personality Captain America and the fictional place he'd most like to visit is Wakanda. Look them up and connect with them on LinkedIn.

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