Student Track

"I think I was very naïve early on, but that also meant that I didn't know what couldn't be done." - Matt Mickiewicz

The startup scene in Boston is not just for post-graduates. Students will have the opportunity to connect across multiple campuses while learning from some of the leading experts in the Greater Boston startup community. It's never too soon to connect with your peers and to start or grow your network.

Perfect for: high school, undergrad and graduate students

Startup Spirit: College Entrepreneurs to Watch

Mon, Sept 20th: 4:30pm - 5:30pm EDT

Join entrepreneurs in the Startup Boston community for a fair highlighting and celebrating college-aged entrepreneurs. You’ll discover proven, accomplished products and companies generated by innovative students. 


Submit your startup to exhibit right here. 

Welcome to the Scene: Startup Boston's Job Fair

Wed, Sept 22nd: 5:45pm - 6:45pm EDT

Hear from some amazing startups on why you should work at their company!

Double Time: Building an Enterprise While Still in School

Thurs, Sept 23rd: 3:15pm - 4:15pm EDT

Startup mythology often includes scrappy parables of dorm-room innovation, garage-built technologies, and red-eyed twentysomethings pulling all-nighters. It’s a romantic take, but what is really required to launch your product and company while balancing college life and studies? 


Join entrepreneurs who started their journey in school for a fireside chat touching on the process, experience, and resources you can leverage to get it off the ground while getting your degree. Undergrads, grad students, possible collaborators, mentors, owners, and other startup professionals can join to learn:


  • The types of collaborations that set founders up for success

  • Marketing strategies 

  • Developing products as a college student

  • How to balance work and school

  • The types of people who are active in the industry that students can lean on

Trained to Learn: How a Liberal Arts Degree Supports the Skills of Entrepreneurship

Thurs, Sept 23rd: 4:30pm - 5:30pm EDT

Startups can feel like a technical-degree-first world, often discouraging aspiring entrepreneurs from pursuing liberal arts degrees for their education. Meet artists and thinkers from Boston’s renowned institutions as they share their journey to startup realization, powered by liberal arts education. 


Speakers will explore the types of roles available to folks with liberal and fine arts backgrounds, centering the importance of curiosity and creativity in the flexible, unpredictable world of startups. This event is great for the startup-curious, undergraduate and graduate students, and people excited to connect with the arts.

What Now: Entrepreneurial Options for New College Grads

Thurs, Sept 23rd: 5:45pm - 6:45pm EDT

You’ve worked hard to get that beautiful linen-printed, mat-framed diploma in the bag, either working on your startup all the while, pursuing your MBA,  or curious about entering the startup world on graduation. Now what to do moving forward? 


Join this curated panel to explore your next steps:

  • Should you pursue an MBA, depending on the role you want to play in the startup community or a specific company?

  • What are the pros and cons of joining a corporate entity, medium-scale organization, or startup right out of school?

  • Should you begin with your own startup, or learn the ropes at an existing startup?

  • While still working towards your BA, can you start laying the groundwork for startup engagement after graduation?

  • If you aren’t sure what you want to do next, what resources and options do you have to begin exploring?