They help companies to recruit the best talent. 

Meet our Partner: Talent Works

It’s one of the most exhilarating aspects of watching your startup grow: you’ve raised some capital, and you’re ready to grow exponentially, fast. 


Join us to learn from those who focus on growth and who have rapidly scaled up teams for helpful lessons learned.


As a founder, you may be wondering where to start and how to disengage the brakes you’ve carefully applied to your headcount up to this point. Whether you’re looking to hire 20 or 200 people, this group will address central questions around maintaining quality and culture, attracting and retaining top talent, and the trade-offs of managing your scale moment in-house or through utilizing staffing firms.

Would you like to discuss your specific talent acquisition challenges in more detail? Our SVP Jody Robie would be happy to offer you a free 30-minute consultation to talk about the best solution for you and how Talent Works can scale your business.

What Talent Works Does

Vi.tal - Recruitment Services

Our Recruitment Services team is agile. We can provide fully outsourced, end-to-end tech recruitment solutions. But, we also allow our clients to draw down capability to complement their in-house team, support urgent recruitment campaigns, or deploy sector-specific expertise.

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Digi.tal - Recruitment Marketing

Utilize our powerful technology platform to target candidates, manage online campaigns and drive applications. Run talent attraction campaigns at pace, across a wide range of online and social media channels, with complete transparency and ownership over costs, media selection, and reporting.

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Elemen.tal - Employer Brand

Your Employer Brand is the key to attracting top candidates. Using the latest market research tools, methodologies, and digital platforms, we can understand and analyze the perceptions, realities, positives, and challenges of your employee experience.  We then use this to inform your EVP and talent brand communications to bring your employee experience to life.

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Learn & Connect with Talent Works

Every week Talent Works share insights and blogs around talent acquisition challenges for startups and scaling businesses. Topics they cover include employer branding, company culture, recruitment trends and current talking points, you can read some of their blogs here.

Find out how companies like Moderna and Shopify are scaling, retaining talent and growing their teams even in challenging times. On September 1st at 12 noon, Talent Works is bringing together talent acquisition leaders from some of North America's biggest names for an honest conversation about the challenges they've faced and to share their tips for creating a more effective recruitment strategy in 2022.

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About Talent Works - Talent Works is an RPO provider with a flexible model perfectly suited to startups and scaleups. We understand that businesses often experience extensive growth periods followed by quieter ones, which is why our sourcing capabilities, recruitment marketing, and employer branding services can be scaled up or down to meet demand. We specialize in tech recruitment and sourcing highly skilled and highly desired technical talent.

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