Why Do You Love Startup Life? 


Lights, Camera, You! 

Startup life is exciting!


It’s also hard, unrewarding (at times), and you’re often going it alone. This is why it’s so incredibly important to support one another and provide our colleagues with some motivation along the way. 


We’re really excited to highlight YOU and share why YOU love the startup community so much. 


We’re looking for short videos, 5 - 15 seconds in length, answering one of two questions: 

  1. Why do you love startup life? 

  2. Why do you love the Boston startup scene?


Notes for taking videos: 

  • Hold your phone horizontal when you record the video

  • Answer the question in a complete sentence. Example “I love startup life because…,” this way viewers have context to your message 


Ready to submit a video? It will take 5-15 seconds for your time!