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Celebrate Startup Milestones: Issue #24

We’re excited to celebrate some more Boston based startups this week! This week, we’re celebrating LuvHut, Wabbi, Finch, SoulBeing, Notarize, Portico Travel, HelpScout and Reggora. This blog series is centered around celebrating those wins that we, as entrepreneurs, often overlook. Let's check out what these awesome startups have accomplished!


Date submitted: April 15th | Company location: Boston, MA

LuvHut is a modern dating app designed for working professionals, everyday people, and those looking for meaningful connections


2,200 pre-registered users & counting, be amongst them!


Date submitted: April 26th | Company location: Boston, MA

Wabbi's Secure DevOps platform enables enterprises to deliver code faster and more securely.


Wabbi was just named as one of the top 10 finalists in the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest 2021.


Date posted: April 20th | Company location: Boston, MA

Finch is an all-in-one checking and investing account that puts your money to work for you.


The Finch CEO, Neel, found his cofounder, Maya!


Date posted: April 20th | Company location: Brookline, MA

The Soul Being platform revolutionizes preventative healthcare by solving for inherent access & infrastructure issues.


Soul Being launched their new platform - with a brand new look.


Date posted: April 21st | Company location: Boston, MA

Notarize, the first online notary platform, allows any person or business to legally notarize a document online, anytime.


Notarize celebrated their 6th birthday!

Portico Travel

Date posted: April 21st | Company location: Boston, MA

Portico is the ultimate travel organizer for avid travelers who enjoy curating their own trips.


Portico Travel was featured on ProductHunt!


Date posted: April 12th | Company location: Boston, MA

Help Scout empowers customer-centric businesses with software that serves people in the most human, helpful way.


HelpScout celebrated their 10th birthday!


Date posted: April 23rd | Company location: Boston, MA

Reggora is a VC-backed technology company that is automating the residential valuation process.


The startup is over 100 employees strong!

Submit Your Startup’s Milestone

Please let us know what you and your team have accomplished! We’re excited to share it with our startup community. Submit it here.


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