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July's Top Startup Events: The Heat is On

We have reached peak summer now that July has arrived, and with the hotter weather comes some scorching startup events for this month. Here are some highlights:

The International Conference on Business and Artificial Intelligence Technologies will unite business and technology interests from July 24 to July 25 in Boston. Some academic conferences have “boilerplate” events that present research in a one-size-fits-all format; however, this conference optimizes learning and networking by creating a unique set of speakers, debates, events, networking and presentation sessions, and exhibits.


MIT, the world’s leading university in technology and artificial intelligence, hosts the MIT AI and Education Summit from July 24 to July 26 in Cambridge. This event is not just about AI, it’s about the future of education. As education shifts its focus to intellect, creativity, empathy, and the right skills and knowledge, AI education will play a pivotal role. This summit is a golden opportunity for educators, students, employers, researchers, and activists to explore the innovative ways AI can revolutionize the classroom and enhance learning effectiveness. 

Is your startup struggling with the product market fit puzzle? Join the VentureFizz community on July 16 for a deep-dive discussion with Gillian Hawkes (CPO / VP Product at Optimal Dynamics) at the Early Product Market Fit to $100M ARR event (July 16, virtual). Hawkes, an expert in managing a multi-product portfolio and converting product objectives into sustainable strategy, will share valuable insights and strategies that can help your startup thrive.


DATE: Tuesday, July 10, 9:00 AM — 10:00 AM ET

LOCATION: Virtual; Register Here

When is the best time to bring an intern into your startup or VC team? And, once you decide to hire an intern or co-op, how do you effectively manage and train an intern so both the startup and the intern’s resume benefit from the experience? You’ll walk away from this panel equipped with actionable insights and practical strategies for building and managing a successful internship program at your company.

DATE: Wednesday, July 11, 6:00 PM — 8:00 PM ET

LOCATION: 200 College Ave, Medford, MA, 02155; Register Here

This meetup for those participating in a student accelerator program within the greater Boston ecosystem brings together student entrepreneurs to "compare notes on the ins and outs of new venture creation." It's an excellent opportunity to swap stories, talk shop, and develop an extended support system.

DATE: Monday, July 15, 5:30 PM - 7 PM

LOCATION: Cambridge, MA; Register Here

​Join Startup Boston for 90-minutes of structured networking where you can create new relationships and get one step closer to finding that critical business partner you need on your team. ​If you have a startup idea and are currently looking for a partner-in-crime to help you start or grow a startup, this event is for you; if you do not have a startup idea but are looking to join someone at the ground floor, this event is ALSO for you.

​Startup Boston keeps Cofounder Matching invite-only so we can ensure a high quality event full of attendees ready to start or join a startup. While there is no exact science for creating a founding team - let alone creating the perfect startup - our hope is that this mixer gets you one step closer.

DATE: Monday, July 16, 4:00 PM — 5:00 PM ET

LOCATION: Virtual; Register Here

Join a virtual deep dive discussion with Gillan Hawkes about scaling from early product-market fit to $100M ARR. Gillan is one the top product leaders in the Boston tech scene, having been CPO or VP of Product at Optimal Dynamics, Shopify, 6 River Systems, and other high-growth companies. Topics will include scaling from early PMF to $100M ARR, building SaaS and hardware products in a multi-product portfolio, working with founders/CEOs on translating business objectives into product vision and strategy roadmaps, and more.

DATE: Thursday, July 18, 11:00 AM — 1:00 PM ET

LOCATION: Virtual, MA; Register Here

Join the BE+ Carbon and Energy Roundtable, a venue for architects, designers, construction managers, and sustainability professionals to discuss issues related to carbon and energy in buildings. This special roundtable focuses on The Draft Massachusetts 2025-2027 Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization Plan. Topics will include the draft three-year plan summary, GHG reduction efforts, equity and accessibility, streamlined customer experience, and workforce development. Focused content will include presentations on new commercial construction, major renovations, existing buildings, and a new embodied carbon component.

DATE: Wednesday, July 24 to Thursday, July 25 

LOCATION: Hybrid Event. Boston Marriott in Cambridge, MA; Register Here

The International Conference on Business and Artificial Intelligence Technologies will offer researchers, delegates, and scholars an incredible chance to interact with each other and share their experiences and knowledge of technology applications. It provides participants specific and exclusive growth and learning opportunities from speakers and research presentations in business and artificial intelligence.

DATE: Wednesday, July 24 to Friday, July 26 

LOCATION: Boston Marriott in Cambridge, MA; Register Here

As computers continue to automate more routine tasks, AI education is a key enabler to future opportunities where success depends increasingly on intellect, creativity, empathy, and having the right skills and knowledge. Being digitally literate is no longer sufficient in the era of AI. The Summit e explores creative ways to include AI education in the classroom in the hopes of making learning more effective. 

DATE: Sessions run every Wednesday, June 26 – July 31, 12:00 – 1:30 PM ET.

LOCATION: Virtual; Register Here

This engaging series empowers aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills to transform AI-related ideas into compelling pitches. Participants will embark on a high-speed journey from ideation to confidently presenting their AI products or ventures to an audience. This program is not just about crafting pitches; it's about fostering a deep understanding of navigating the AI landscape as an entrepreneur, from conceptualizing an actionable idea to making a lasting impression on potential backers. 

DATE: Tuesday, July 30, 10:45 AM — 12:00 PM ET

LOCATION: MathWorks – Apple Hill Campus in Natick, MA; Register Here

​How does the strain of being a caregiver impact career goals? ​In this meeting, we will hear how seasoned executives who are caretakers react to the reality of managing work while taking care of young children and/or aging parents. How does a hybrid workforce impact employees' caregiving responsibilities? How can employers support employee needs and encourage career growth and retention? Join the discussion and bring your perspective while listening to thoughtful solutions.

DATE: Wednesday, July 31, 5:30 PM — 6:30 PM ET

LOCATION: 5 Wayside Road Burlington, MA 01803; Register Here

The Boston Healthcare and AI Community serves the international healthcare cloud community from our Boston location by providing industry experts with a forum to discuss healthcare technology topics. Meetings are on the last Wednesday of every month.

Check out our full event calendar right here to stay in tune with the Boston startup community. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for monthly updates, using the form directly below!

Nicholas Ewing is a graduate of UMass Lowell in Business Administration: International Business this year. You can connect with him here.


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