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Navigating the Boston MarTech Startup Scene - Who to know, Where to go

Boston has a highly regarded reputation for its martech startup scene. Companies like HubSpot, Drift, Wistia, WEVO, Constant Contact and Klaviyo led the way in previous years, creating immense value to their customers and great brands. That said, we’re still seeing tremendous growth for martech startups in Boston, and lots of opportunities for everybody interested in the space - no matter if it is to start something new, work at a Martech startup or invest in one.

In this post, we’ve highlighted Boston martech startups to watch, where to network, investors, and some great thought leaders in the space.

Martech Startups to Watch

The Boston Martech scene is quite exciting and growing rapidly! Here are some new startups to the martech space that you should keep an eye on:

ConversionCoach Inc. - their sales behavior platform analyzes the data from your sales calls and gives you actionable behaviors to train on. Founded in 2019.

Frase - helps you research, write, and optimize high-quality SEO content in minutes instead of hours with the assistance of their AI technology. Founded in 2017.

Goldcast - helps B2B marketers run virtual and hybrid conferences and webinars. Founded in 2020.

IgnitePost - combines software and robotics to allow companies to send robotically handwritten, real pen & ink notes at scale. Founded in 2018.

OfferFit - uses self-learning AI to rapidly test and learn at a rapidly faster pace with A/B testing. Founded in 2020.

Preneur - an all-in-one sales, marketing and relationship management tool for solo entrepreneurs. Founded in 2020.

Relevize - turns partners into highly effective digital marketing channels. Founded in 2019.

Tapple - provides marketers the ability to engage live audiences and gather first-party data using intelligent QR technology. Founded in 2018.

Thought leaders in the Martech Space

Stay in the know of what the Boston Martech Startup Scene is saying. These are some twitter handles you’ll want to follow!

Ann Handley - @MarketingProfs - Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, a marketing education and training company. She is also a frequent keynote speaker, speaking on all topics digital marketing and content creation.

Christopher Penn - @cspenn - co-host of MarketingOverCoffee, a podcast covering the intersection of marketing and technology.

Chris Savage - @csavage - Co-founder and CEO at Wistia, a video marketing application that makes it really easy to host, customize, promote, and track your videos.

David Cancel - @dcancel.eth - CEO and Co-Founder of Drift. David has founded several software businesses and also served as HubSpot’s Chief Product Officer before starting Drift.

Dave Gerhardt - @davegerhardt - startup marketing guru, founder of DGMG, and former Chief Brand Officer at Drift.

Dharmesh Shah - @dharmesh - the CTO & Co-founder of HubSpot, often tweets about best practices for scaling marketing and startups.

Ginny Marvin - @GinnyMarvin - Ads Product Liaison at Google. All your questions about Google Ads and other products can be directed to her.

Nick Bennett - @NickB2005 - Director of Field, Community & Partner Marketing at Alyce. Created the Revenue Era group, which is created for marketing teams focused on revenue.

Randy Hamilton - @RandyHamilton - Managing Partner at Clutchgrowth, a marketing services company focused on B2B SaaS, and part of the founding team at

Sara Pion - @sara_pion - Senior Growth Manager at Voiceflow, a company that helps teams design, prototype and launch conversational assistants.

Scott Brinker - @chiefmartec - the handle says it all. Scott is the VP of Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot and editor of Chiefmartec.

Networking Groups, Events, Accelerators and Incubators for Martech Startups

Interested in the Boston martech scene? Maybe looking for some advice on what the trends are or just looking to network? These are some groups, events, accelerators and incubators you may want to check out:

American Marketing Association: Boston - creates events for marketers and related professionals across industries and business functions, as they relate to the marketing world.

Boston Content - a community for content marketers, producers and strategists.

Boston Marketing Technology Meetup - a meetup community for marketers and enthusiasts interested in learning more about new marketing technologies and related topics.

DGMG - a marketing community and consulting company led by Dave Gerhardt. The community and services focus on helping high-growth B2B startups with marketing, apart from helping people find relevant jobs in marketing.

DigiMarCon New England - an annual conference focused on digital marketing best practices and latest trends

Digital Summit Boston - a conference focused on sharpeting your marketing skill set through in-person workshops and sessions

HubSpot User Groups - a program where you can connect with other HubSpot users and share marketing and sales tips and skills. Multiple locations throughout the country.

Inbound - HubSpot’s annual conference, where thought leaders in sales, marketing, and customer success are brought together in Boston to talk about new trends and ways to do business.

The Martech Conference - Annual conference focusing on new marketing technologies.

MassChallenge - an accelerator program that give martech entrepreneurs all the resources they need to launch and thrive.

Mass Tech Networking - LinkedIn group for tech professionals in Massachusetts.

Modern Sales Pro - while its headquarters are based in California, their members are located all over, including Boston, due to their online community. The goal of the group is to connect and enable sales teams.

Product Marketing Summit Boston - brings togethers both corporate and startup companies in Boston to share product marketing success stories, experience and challenges

Revenue Era - a group created in Boston by Nick Bennett, the goal is to support marketing teams who want to successful drive revenue

RevGenius - their headquarters are in NYC but they are based everywhere, including Boston, due to their online community. The goal of the group is connect sales, marketing, customer success and revops professionals.

RevGrowth - Drift’s annual conference focusing on the future of sales and marketing.

TechStars - their accelerator program has accepted martech startups and they have made approximately 65 investments in the MarTech sector including Caravel and Fango.

Investors in Martech

See below a few firms that invest in Martech startups in the Boston and New-England area:

Alumni Ventures - this firm is located right outside of Boston in Manchester, NH. They invest in multiple industries, including martech. Investments in martech include Jebbit, Mayan Analytics and DataXu.

Bain Capital Ventures - Bain Capital´s venture capital division invests in Martech among other industries.

Battery Ventures - investment and venture capital firm active in the Boston MarTech scene

Charles River Ventures - investments in both enterprise and consumer companies. MarTech investments include Drift, HubSpot and Upstream.

Converge - funds B2B Tech startups, including martech, block chain, artificial intelligence and security companies.

General Catalyst - Backs both seed-stage and early-stage startups. Focuses on many different industries, one of them being martech. Portfolio includes HubSpot, Snapchat, Alyce, Bullhorn and Brightcove, among many others.

Martech Ventures - investment firm focused on the martech sector.

NextView Ventures - invests across multiple verticals. Martech investments include Drift and Attentive.

Underscore VC - this early-stage investment firm frequently invests in martech companies (and many other industries) including Goldcast, Mautic, Soofa, Moltin and Zaius.

Stay tuned with latest updates on the Boston Martech Startup Scene

The space is constantly changing and new players enter the game. We try to keep our resources up to date, but if there’s anything we missed send us a message using this link. Thank you!


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