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Product & Design

Product and Design Startup Boston Week Track
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Ready to connect with your peers in product and design? Grab your free ticket for Startup Boston Week 2024 on Sept 9th - 13th today! 

All sessions are available BOTH in-person at Suffolk University and virtually. 


Perfect for: product managers and designers who are creating products (both physical and digital) for their early-stage startup

Developing a compelling brand for your product is essential, even in the early stages of your startup. This session will cover the critical aspects of product branding, from initial considerations to creating a lasting impact, including: 


  • When to start thinking about developing a brand for your product 

  • Why branding is crucial even in the pre-seed phase

  • Strategies for designing a product in a fast-paced industry

  • The interplay between product branding, your business model, and your target audience to create a cohesive and effective brand strategy.


You will gain insights into creating a visually exciting and functional brand, knowing when to embrace or diverge from traditional aesthetics, and making your brand stand out in a crowded digital market. 


Perfect for: product managers and designs at Seed, Series A and B companies who are looking to understand when and where to lean on and incorporate trends in their product roadmap

Striking the right balance between minimalist and innovative design is crucial and knowing how and when to utilize current product and design trends in your product roadmap - both for current features and entirely new launches. 


During this session we’ll dive into: 


  • How to navigate the line between minimalist and complex, innovative design to create unique products that stand out

  • When and how to incorporate accessibility into your product’s brand and environmental brand language

  • How to identify situations where accessibility might not be a primary concern based on product use and audience interaction

  • Strategies for enhancing your product brand language if it proves insubstantial post-launch


Perfect for: anyone interested in designing products for a set market and startups in their market research phase looking to determine their product’s chances of success

Determining product success in a market involves asking the right questions and conducting thorough research. Enter: market research. 


In this session, we’ll be diving into: 


  • What questions to ask to gauge potential product success

  • Strategies for meaningful market research on a budget 

  • Methods to determine market fit or demand for products with no precedent


You’ll walk away equipped to design unbiased research, know when to seek expert consultation, and understand how to handle potential market rejection. 


Perfect for: pre-seed startups and founders looking for co-founders and team members

Assembling a product team that aligns with your startup's current needs and future growth is critical for success. This team is responsible for creating a product that customers love, identifying new features that current and new customers need and consistently finding new ways to improve and iterate on customer feedback. 


During this session we will dive into: 


  • How to structure your team based on your startup’s immediate requirements and evolving status

  • Balancing in-house talent and outsourced capabilities

  • How to consider team dynamics from the start - establishing a strong culture that can adapt as your startup grows.


Perfect for: product designers that have a prototype of their product and are starting to go through the motions of mass-producing it

Developing and launching a physical product involves a detailed and strategic production planning process. We will cover essential aspects from prototype creation to full-scale manufacturing, ensuring your product is ready for market success. 


Specifically answering your questions, such as: 


  • How do you translate creation of a prototype to manufacturing production of a product?

  • What is the difference between freelance, contractor, original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and a giant manufacturer that can do everything in house?

  • What considerations do you need to take into account when making your product “future proof” such that you can expand on your product or develop it further without too many issues in the future?

  • What is a reasonable timeline for developing out and launching your product?


And so much more! By the end of this session, you will know how to future-proof your product, conduct a cost-benefit analysis, and balance the urgency of market introduction with product readiness. 

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Startup Boston Week is where the whole startup community gathers - all industries, all startup departments and all bootstrapped and funding stages to gather.

Lily Volper - Startup Boston

Meet Lily Volper! Lily is our Product & Design Track Lead for Startup Boston Week 2024. This is her first year on the Startup Boston Organizing Team.


Some fun facts about her: the next place on her travel bucket list is South Korea and her favorite kitchen appliance is the slanted wooden spoon. Look them up and connect with them on LinkedIn.

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