On September 20-24 we’re bringing together thousands of startup enthusiasts, serial and first-time entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, students, and the employees that make startup magic happen!

Our program is designed to help you explore the startup world from every angle. Our event tracks will support you as you conceptualize, start, and build a company or as you scale, making a real impact in your market as well as in New England’s tech community.

Whether you’re a bootstrapping entrepreneur or an employee at a startup that just locked in its Series B, Startup Boston Week’s deep content and rich discussions will help you achieve more.

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Unpack the strategies and nuances of forming a business, finding co-founders, taking the leap, and protecting your mental health while starting and scaling a company. 

Perfect for: first-time founders, serial entrepreneurs, and company executives. View the schedule.

Are you looking to start your own fund? Considering joining a VC firm? Searching for the hottest companies in Boston to invest in? This track is for you! 

Perfect for: aspiring angel investors and those interested in entering the VC world. View the schedule.

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Community Track_Marketing_SBW2021.png

The New England startup community is tight-knit and ever-expanding. SBW is about bringing people together to connect, learn, and celebrate, so join us at our community events.

Perfect for: entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, employees, service providers, and more - everyone is welcome! View the schedule.

The startup scene in Boston is not just for post-graduates. Students will have the opportunity to connect across multiple campuses while learning from some of the leading experts in the Greater Boston startup community. It’s never too soon to connect with your peers and to start or grow your professional network. 

Perfect for: high school students, undergrad and graduate students both interested in joining a startup or starting their own company. View the schedule.

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Sales and Marketing Track_Marketing_SBW2

Startups only succeed if they can be discovered. Participate in workshops and panels discussing sales, business development, marketing, and growth hacking. 


Perfect for: startup sales and marketing leaders and employees who are interested in starting and scaling their departments and working on their skillsets. View the schedule.

Source your next product inspiration from industry leaders and from our local ecosystem. This track will provide attendees with workshops and panels that highlight some key insights that teams will need to both build and launch successful products. 


Perfect for: product managers, designers, and entrepreneurs building their MVP. View the schedule.

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Hardware Engineering Track_Marketing_SBW

Have a product idea? New to the hardware space and looking to learn from those who have been there prior. It's time to learn from some of the best hardware engineering leaders so you can scale your hardware startup up.


Perfect for: hardware developers, engineering directors, CTOs, and those aspiring. View the schedule.

Learn from some of the best CTOs and engineering leaders in Boston so that you can continue building incredible, agile tech and pushing your product—and career—forward.


Perfect for: software developers, engineering directors, CTOs, and those aspiring. View the schedule.

Software Engineering Track_Marketing_SBW
People Ops

Learn how successful companies approach hiring, company culture, building a mentor network, and managing a remote workforce. 


Perfect for: leaders who are helping a growing company attract, train, and retain top talent in a competitive startup scene. View the schedule.

Explore best practices and winning tactics for onboarding and retaining customers, as well as measuring customer health and handling consumer demands.


Perfect for: customer success and support leaders and employees who are ready to start and scale their department. View the schedule.

Community Success and Support Track_Mark
Data Track_Marketing_SBW2021@2x.png

How can data improve your product? When data is limited in quantity or quality, it’s important to start thinking outside of the box and make the data work for you. In this track we’ll chat about data rules and regulations, putting data to work for your startup, educating your colleagues about the impact of data, and more.


Perfect for: data analysts and growth marketers. View the schedule.

The startup community is always expanding. Thinking of joining in on the fun? We'll provide events that breakdown what startup life is all about and how you can get involved.

Perfect for: those thinking of starting a company or switching careers and joining a startup. View the schedule.

Startup Curious Track_Marketing_SBW2021@