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Interested in organizing events and initiatives for the startup community? Then you've come to the right place! We are currently looking for individuals who have a great personality, fun, energetic, and love to connect with people. 

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"After attending an Intro to Boston's Startup Community event at General Assembly in 2018, I knew I wanted to get more involved in the local startup scene but wasn't quite sure how to break into it without actually being employed by a startup.


I befriended two of the panelists, Stephanie Roulic & Jay Neely. Upon sharing that I was a recruiter by trade, Steph asked if I'd be interested in leveraging my network to organize a Mentorship Exchange between startup leaders and early career talent for Startup Boston Week 2018. It was such a blast getting to chat with startup leadership in a variety of disciplines from marketing to operations to engineering! It was incredibly fulfilling to help others with their career development and relationship building.


Three years into this, there's no looking back - Startup Boston Week has continued to be an extraordinary opportunity for me to learn from and connect with startup leaders locally."

-Allison Sproul - Sr. Manager, People & Talent, connectRN 


JOB DESCRIPTIONS: Monthly Event Team

Event Manager
  • Works closely with Lead Organizer 

  • Identify and secure speakers for events; manage event kickoff calls for speakers

  • Help create marketing deliverables for monthly events

  • Write content to support event initiatives 

  • Time commitment: Minimum of a 3 month commitment, average of 3 hours of work per week. You WILL know all deadlines ahead of time so you can manage your own schedule

  • Note: there are a few events and initiatives that occur during the year. This would include one-day conferences, large-scale networking groups, invite-only groups, and a few other initiatives. (i.e. not your average copy/paste virtual panel)


Content Writer​ 
  • Write content for blog articles (2-4 articles per month)

  • Collaborate with the programming team and social media team on campaigns. This would include the speaker kits, sponsor kits, marketing partner kits, etc.

  • Support execution of email marketing program. 

  • Time commitment: Jan - Oct. Average of 2-3 hours per week. You WILL know all deadlines when you join, so you can manage your own schedule / do work ahead of time. 

Email Marketer
  • Write the Startup Boston newsletter

  • Write one-off emails announcing new Startup Boston initiatives and events 

  • Collaborate with the programming team and social media team on campaigns. 

  • Time commitment: Jan - Oct. Average of 2-3 hours per week. You WILL know all deadlines when you join, so you can manage your own schedule / do work ahead of time. 

Social Media Coordinator
  • Report to social media strategist 

  • Responsible for cadence, consistency and brand voice on social media 

  • Schedule daily social posts and execute on social campaigns 

  • Collaborate with content writers, outreach managers, and Programming Track leads to promote content and speakers

  • Create social media for speaker kits 

  • Manage "short-term view" of social media

Volunteer for Day-Of Events

Here are some of the things you will do: 
  • Check attendees in (when events can be in person again)

  • Respond to "help questions" in our email inbox 

  • Monitor the Zoom chat thread (for virtual events)

  • Monitor social channels 

  • Take notes for our content team

"I love being a part of Startup Boston because it's one of those special organizations where everyone believes in what we are doing so much we won't stop until it's done just right - and we get into topics not only that we haven't explored, but that no one in Boston has.


Sometimes all that can be a bit daunting - I've spent my fair share of time agonizing over who exactly would be the absolute perfect panelist, or which rabbit holes we just have to cut for the sake of time - but it all pays off in the end with something really special, year after year."

-Andy Cohen - Harvard Robotics PhD student 

Volunteering with Startup Boston has given me an opportunity to meet like minded people and expand my network. Its been an amazing journey of not knowing anyone in the community to having coffee chats with CEO's.

-Luv Saraf - Product Manager, Wayfair