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Celebrate Startup Milestones: Issue #11

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Happy 2021, Team! I’m not a New Year’s Resolutions type of gal, but I do think it’s a great time to reflect on how far you’ve come as an individual - and as a startup. And in the spirit of reflection and celebration, I’m excited to roll out the first Celebrate Startup Milestones post of 2021 (you can check out the other issues by clicking right here).

This series is all about celebrating the “small” wins a startup accomplishes. After all, there is so much more to building a company than landing funding, going through an IPO, or being acquired.

I’m excited to highlight eight awesome companies this Monday morning, check them out below. And scroll to the end for a link to submit your own personal startup milestone.


Date posted: Dec 22, 2020 | Company Location: Boston, MA

Sophya is a virtual venue platform for virtual events and virtual offices.


Sophya had their first press feature! Read the full article here.


Date posted: Dec 3, 2020 | Company Location: Israel & Boston, MA

Namogoo is pioneering the marketing of Customer Hijacking Prevention. Their technology identifies and blocks unauthorized ads injected into customer web sessions that diverts customers to competitor offerings.


Namogoo was named one of the top promising B2B retail tech companies in CB Insights Retail 100. Check out the full press release right here.


Date posted: Dec 23, 2020 | Company Location: Boston, MA

RStudio provides open source and enterprise-ready professional software for data science.


Over 5,000 people have registered for rstudio:global(2021), their 24-hour virtual conference in January, to-date!


Date posted: Dec 23, 2020 | Company Location: Boston, MA

EllisX is building the fist authentic marketing platform that matches early-stage startups with media and event organizers in 2 clicks.


As of December 23rd, EllisX has helped 25 startups receive coverage via podcasts, articles, and speaking engagements.


Date posted: Dec 28, 2020 | Company location: Cambridge, MA

Cellino is engineering human-like cells and tissues for replacement therapies. They are building the next pillar of the regenerative medicine industry.


Cellino was awarded Forbes Biotech and Pharma Award as the “Most Intriguing Newcomer” of 2020. Read all about it right here.


Date posted: Dec 31, 2020 | Company location: Boston, MA

HuddleUp (powered by Jebbit) helps reduce 50% of your meetings. Simply put: you save yourself time by collaborating without needing a minute.


Version 1 of HuddleUp launched right before the clock ticked midnight on New Year’s Eve -- and they've already more than doubled their waitlist goal! Their waitlist is open to anyone who wants early access or a demo of the software. Check it out right here.


Date posted: Dec 23rd, 2020 | Company location: Boston, MA

Unstack enables users to build websites, landing pages, and blogs within a matter of hours, not months, with their no-code platform.


Product Hunt rounded up it’s most up-voted products of the year, and Unstack made the list at #23. Check out the full list right here.


Date posted: Dec 2, 2020 | Company location: Boston, MA

Knoq technology recruits, trains, and guides sales representatives to talk to customers via text, chat and phone about products and services that make their lives better.


The Knoq engineering team launched an exciting new project (unable to share details yet). But what we CAN see, is they hosted a virtual breaking ground ceremony - the Startup Boston team loves this!

Share Your Milestone With Us

What have you accomplished these past few weeks? Did you hire employee #10? Launched a new product? Or maybe you landed your 20th customer? Whatever the accomplishment may be - we want to celebrate it with you. Please click this link to submit your startup’s milestone today.


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