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Celebrate Startup Milestones: Issue #13

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Launch dates, new partnerships, and crushing milestones, oh my! We started this blog series at Startup Boston because it’s so important to celebrate all parts of the startup climb - not just your startup’s exit or landing new funding. This could be anything from locking in your 20th customer to processing over $1M in revenue to launching your company.

Check out seven New England based startups below - and celebrate what they’ve accomplished:


Date posted: Jan 11th | Company location: Boston, MA

Paerpay provides value to restaurants through their pay-at-the-table platform, helping everyone avoid the spread of bacteria and viruses by providing restaurant go-ers with a contactless dining experience (and no downloading apps or setting up new hardware!).


Paerpay has officially processed over $1M in gross merchandise value since launching their contactless payment platform in May 2020.


Date posted: Jan 12th | Company location: Providence, RI

SNACK Brand provides superfood snacks for mind and body, powered by high-protein, farm-fresh Spirulina.


The company launched on Amazon Prime!


Date posted: Jan 13th | Company location: Boston, MA

Fincura unlocks all of the data that is trapped in financial statements and spreadsheets today, so finance companies can use it to differentiate themselves, optimize their operations, and future-proof their businesses.


They have expanded their relationship with Accord Financial Corp. You can read all about it right here.

Folia Materials

Date posted: Jan 12th | Company location: Boston, MA

Folia is making a safer, clear, and healthier world. Their products include Folia PPE, Folia Packaging, and Folia Water.


Folia Water, sister company of Folia Materials, just opened up their first full-fledged office in Bangladesh. Read the announcement right here.


Date posted: Jan 15th | Company location: North Andover, MA

Lit is an input-based language-acquisition tool for student and teachers.


In just a few months since this startup’s launch, LIT has over 200,000 activities completed on their platform.


Date posted: Jan 14th | Company location: Boston, MA

TERA is a secure financial cloud OS empowering businesses to manage spend, corporate cards, payments, collections and regulatory compliance all in one easy-to-use platform.


It was Launch Day for TERA! They launched a smart corporate card, TERA Money. Watch this quick 1-minute video to learn more.

Knox Financial

Date posted: Jan 12th | Company location: Boston, MA

Knox helps you turn a property you already own into an investment that delivers passive income, with none of the work or hassle.


Knox Financial introduces rent protection for investment property owners. Read all about it right here.

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