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Celebrate Startup Milestones: Issue #17

We’ve said it for the past sixteen issues but we’ll say it again: it’s so important to celebrate ALL of the wins your startup experiences, not just landing funding or going through an acquisition. We created this series because we want to lift up founders and startup teams up - and celebrate their journey. This could be anything from receiving an award to launching a new feature to landing a new partnership.

This week’s edition of Celebrate Startup Milestones is going to look a little bit different! Why? Because we have a whole lot of Massachusetts-based startups to shout out!

Forbes just realized the first 250 startups featured in their Next 1000.

The goal of the Next 1000 list is to shine a light on entrepreneurial heroes. This year-round initiative showcases the ambitious sole proprietors, self-funded shops and pre-revenue startups in every region of the country—all with under $10 million in revenue or funding and infinite drive and hustle.

And, in short, a few Massachusetts-based startups were among them! Let’s give a huge shout out to:

  • Cuseum - helps museums accelerator visitor and member engagement using digital tools

  • wiseHer - provides on-demand expert advice for women business owners and entrepreneurs

  • Paerpay - provides restaurants with a contactless payment solution that does not require them to change their hardware or credit card processor, nor does the customer need to download an app

  • Yvesta D’Or (Maker of GoodieKrunch) - offers a sweet, crunchy, naturally gluten-free topping for things like oatmeal, yogurt and ice cream or works as a standalone snack

  • Encora Therapeutics - leverages advances in wearable technology, signal processing, reinforcement learning, and patient sensing to provide affordable, personalized, non-invasive remedies for patients with neurological movement disorders

  • LuminDx - elevating doctors around the world to evaluate skin conditions

  • UptimeHealth - simplifies medical device service events, purchases, and compliance practices through automation and predictive analytics

  • Tate Behavioral - a leader in ABA services, providing home, school and community-based treatment to individuals with disabilities and their families

  • Radical Plastics - provides a drop-in replacement for conventional plastics that is economical, recyclable and fully biodegradable

  • Street2Ivy - an online marketplace dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in our communities through education, resources, and mentorship


Date posted: Feb 17th | Company location: Boston, MA

Compt is a perk management software that helps companies build and scale flexible perk stipends.


Compt’s ADP integration is now live! You can now find Compt on the ADP Marketplace.

Drake’s Games

Date posted: Feb 17th | Company location: Brooklyn, NY

Drake’s Games is a Brooklyn based game studio focused on making the most engaging core gameplay experience for Android, iOS, PC and Consoles.


This startup just pushed the first public version of Junk in the Trunk to Google Play.


Date posted: Feb 20th | Company location: Brooklyn, NY

Parade makes Creative Basics - expressive underwear in soft, sustainable fabrics for people sizes XS - 3X.


Parade has just sold 1 million pairs of their underwear!

Feast & Fettle

Date posted: Feb 18th | Company location: Providence, RI

Feast & Fettle provides gourmet meal delivery service for busy families and professionals.


It was Boston Launch Day on Feb 18th! This RI-based company headed to Boston after growing over 200% in 2020. You can read the full press release right here. Welcome to town, Feast & Fettle!

Recover Athletics

Date posted: Feb 18th | Company location: Cambridge, MA

Recover Athletics is an injury-prevention tool for runners.


They launched their partner integration with Strava, which allows athletics on the Recover app to seamlessly post custom images of their recovery routine with the training community on Strava. Read more about it right here.

Share Your Milestone With Us

We absolutely love supporting entrepreneurs and startup teams - it’s why Startup Boston was created! And, as such, we want to celebrate you and what your team has accomplished these past few weeks. Drop us a line and let us know right here. We can’t wait to celebrate you!


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