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Celebrate Startup Milestones: Issue #21

You're right, we took a week off, but we're really excited to be back and writing this weekly blog series to kick off your Monday morning. Hopefully you're on coffee number two (at least!). Building a startup is incredibly hard - and can be a very lonely journey - which is why it's so important to take a step back and embrace the small wins you and your team accomplish along the way.

Check out the milestone these startups have accomplished!

Pretzel Kids

Date submitted: March 17th | Company location: Boston, MA

Pretzel Kids® offers a subscription program allowing members to teach our branded kids yoga classes in their communities.


Pretzel Kids is on a roll. In our latest partnership, we've joined forces with GoNoodle for our first joint livestream event in March. Four out of 5 elementary schools in the U.S. use GoNoodle, and $14 million kids log onto the app every month.

Fitted Laundry

Date posted: March 25th | Company location: Philadelphia, PA

Fitted Laundry is bridging the gap between laundry and fashion. Sustainably clean, donate and trade your clothes


Fitted Laundry was selected to pitch LIVE on stage at TechCrunch Early Stage!

Ritual Motion

Date posted: March 27th | Company location: Warwick, RI

Ritual Motion is The leading health and wellness brand for gamers. Ritual Motion's platform allows both endemic and non-endemic brands to connect and positively engage with one of the most dynamic communities in the world via content, survey's and social impact activations.


Day 1 of the Ritual Motional Esports College Fair was a huge success! 500 attendees, 30 college and university programs, and 22 thought leaders.

Folia Materials

Date posted: March 28th | Company location: Boston, MA

Folia is making a safer, cleaner, and healthier world. Our patent-pending silver coating for paper adds anti-viral, anti-microbial, or other advanced functionality to products for pennies.


Folia Water Bangladesh retail sales have started and they had a 40% sales conversion on just the first day.


Date posted: March 9th | Company location: Chatham, NJ

DriveWealth is a financial technology firm pioneering embedded finance, fractional investing in US equities, and API-driven brokerage infrastructure.


DriveWealth announced their partnership with Boston-based startup Hemista, to offer fractional robo-investing in U.S. and Indian companies to Indian expatriates.


Date posted: March 21st | Company location: New York, NY

Yuansfer is an alternative payments platform that enables brands to accept all global QR Code based wallets, including PayPal, Venmo, and Alipay, with one integration. Yuansfer supports both online and in-store touchless payments, drives sales conversions, and reaches 2 billion wallet users globally.


Yuansfer Digital Wallet cartridge is now live on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Partner Marketplace!

Let's Celebrate You: Submit Your Milestone

We want to share your startup wins with our community! Let us know what you and your team have accomplished these past few years. Submit your milestone right here.


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