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Celebrate Startup Milestones: Issue #28

We took a few weeks off - startup life is chaotic, ya know! - but we’re back and excited to celebrate some awesome milestones accomplished from our startup community.

We’re here to recognize the hard work that founders and their teams are putting into building their company day in and day out. This blog series is here to celebrate those “small” wins that are often overlooked.

This week, we’re excited to celebrate Insurify, BIOMILQ, StackState, Moxie Scrubs and Archer Roose.


Date posted: June 11th | Company location: Cambridge, MA

Insurify is a virtual insurance agent powered by Artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics.


Insurify is one of the Forbes #Fintech50 Most Innovative Companies this year!


Date posted: June 1st | Company location: Durham, North Carolina

BIOMILQ is unlocking human potential through breakthrough mammary biotechnology. Next generation tech for our next generation!


BIOMILQ has successfully made human milk.


Date posted: June 7th | Company location: Boston, MA

StackState delivers Relationship-Based Observability. StackState integrates with APM tools, infrastructure monitoring tools, virtualization and cloud platforms, Kubernetes and incident management systems to add the certainty and richness of relationships, configuration changes and AI-based diagnostics to the existing incident management process.


StackState announced the launch of our observability tool for cloud native applications and environments!

Moxie Scrubs

Date posted: May 28th | Company location: Somerville, MA

Moxie Scrubs is a Boston, MA based medical apparel startup born out of the Harvard Innovation Lab. Our company creates innovative medical apparel designed by nurses for nurses.


Moxie Scrubs was featured on NBC NY. Watch the interview here.

Archer Roose

Date posted: May 24th | Company location: Boston, MA

Archer Roose was founded with an adventurous spirit and a clear ambition: to deliver an artisan-quality wine at an affordable price point through alternative packaging.


Elizabeth Banks is joining Archer Roose as Co-Owner and Chief Creative Officer.

Submit Your Startup Milestone

Share what your team has accomplished these past few weeks with us! We’ll feature this milestone in our blog post and throughout our social channels. We want to celebrate you and put the spotlight on the hard work you’ve done. Drop us a line right here.


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