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Celebrating Startup Milestones: Issue #1

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Over the course of Startup Boston Week we received a lot of amazing milestones from local startups. There were so many of them, that we couldn’t resist sharing them with you, even after SBW2020 came to an end.

This is only Issue #1, with many more weekly blog posts to follow. We’re really excited to celebrate some amazing startups in the Greater Boston Area.

Check them out below - and scroll to the bottom to submit your startup’s milestone.

Anna Yudin - Cofounder & CEO, Marteamo Inc.

Submitted: Sept 2, 2020

Marteamo is a virtual co-working community for building productive marketing teams. They connect remote marketers and companies and provide tools for in-house and remote marketers to create productive teams.

Rob Shapiro - CEO, SPLITFIT

Submitted: Aug 14, 2020

SPLITFIT is the easiest way to get quality personal training from leading trainers. Available in local gyms & studios or in a virtual environment, all sessions are instructor-led and always live. Share the cost of the session with up to 3 people and get a custom workout from as little as $12. 

“Secured unique partnerships with both AllWays Health Partners and Harvard Pilgrim Health.”

Sam Tackeff - Cofounder, Ompractice

Submitted: Sept 17, 2020

Ompractice provides virtual group yoga and wellness classes via two-way video to large businesses, insurers, and health systems to address population health issues and improve wellbeing. Their platform delivers satisfying and safe online group classes that remove geographic, financial, and inclusivity barriers to proven practices with its 90+ interactive classes each week and over 50 diverse teachers from across the globe.

“Landing some key partnerships with local health insurers such as Harvard Pilgrim, working with AARP, and expanding our work with the Department of Veterans Affairs has been particularly meaningful this year. And each and every student who comes into our class and leaves having accomplished what they set out to do – is worth celebrating!”

Dave Hurt - Cofounder, Verb Data

Submitted: Sept 2, 2020

Verb Data just launched their private beta version.

Sid Desai - Cofounder & CEO, Rocket Wellness

Submitted: Sept 8, 2020

Rocket Wellness is a mental and emotional wellness platform that provides you the journaling and digital self-reflection tools you need to practice better mental health. Their goal is to democratize access to emotional and mental wellbeing to help the global community improve emotional intelligence.

“At, we went from an initial concept sketched out in PowerPoint in April 2020 to a full-blown MVP in August 2020 (including registering company, lean-testing product idea, filing provisional patent and trademarks, designing website, setting up CRM etc.).”

Jill Willcox - Managing Member, Iterators

Submitted: Aug 24, 2020

Iterators is Women’s Business Enterprise National Council certified and has Trusted Tester Section 508 certification under the Department of Homeland Security program for accessibility testing. They employ individuals from diverse backgrounds, including people with language disorders, ADHD, anxiety and those on the autism spectrum, whose unique approach to quality assurance testing provides an advantage to our clients. Services include accessibility compliance testing, mobile app testing for IOS and Android platforms, functional/regression testing and automated testing.

Philipp Robbel - Cofounder, Mapless AI

Submitted: Sept 21, 2020

Mapless AI develops safety solutions for intelligent transportation systems

“Raised seed funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support our work on safety for autonomous systems!”

Bobbie Carlton - Founder, Innovation Women

Submitted: Aug 14, 2020

Innovation Women is a visibility bureau for entrepreneurial, technical and innovative women. They help connect event managers to women who are potential speakers.

“In the middle of a pandemic, Innovation Women acquired two other companies, adding thousands of event managers and female entrepreneurs to our community.”

Peter Mahoney - CEO, Plannuh

Submitted: Sept 2, 2020

Plannuh helps marketers easily create and manage marketing plans and budgets. Marketing teams can use Plannuh to consolidate goals, plans, campaigns, and budgets all in one place for full visibility, collaboration, and efficiency.

“In January of 2020, Plannuh raised a $4M Seed investment round, co-led by Google's Gradient Ventures and Boston's own Glasswing Ventures”

Submit Your Milestone

Something more important than reaching the final destination for your startup is celebrating the wins you and your team share along the way.

Has your startup done something awesome? This could be anything from locking in your first 10 customers, to bringing on team member #20, to finding an amazing advisor to join your journey.

Submit your milestone today by clicking here. We can’t wait to celebrate you!


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