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Celebrating Startup Milestones: Issue #3

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

I’m really excited to bring you today’s lineup of startups we can celebrate! These Boston-based startups are really making waves in their industry. They’re pushing through during COVID, embracing new forms of team communication, and are driving customers to their business.

If you like what you see (and I bet you will!), then please connect with these founders on LinkedIn and support their efforts. If you - or someone you know - belongs on this list. Then please scroll to the bottom of this page and submit a milestone. We want to celebrate YOU and your network.

Now, without further adieu, here are nine startups worth celebrating this week.

Lilian Hung - Owner, Lyra Vega Bridal

Submitted: Aug 14, 2020

Lyra Vega Bridal is an e-boutique founded on the belief that brides can look beautiful on their wedding day without breaking the bank, and that the experience of gown shopping should be seamless and stressless.

Chris Bent - Founder, Piccles

Submitted: Sept 3, 2020

Piccles is a virtual engagement tool using drawings to share feelings.

“We ran a 1000 person virtual event using technology we built.”

Petar Ojdrovic - CEO,

Submitted: Sept 21, 2020

Yada is a conversational concierge which guests can talk to, just like they would with a real person, for your vacation rental property. We help guests get all of the help and information they need, and helps hosts reduce their workload and time spent on easily automatable things.

“We finally got to market, survived COVID as a travel startups, and have been doubling customer numbers every 2 weeks over the past couple months!”

Shana Opperman - Cofounder & CEO, Pluto

Submitted: Sept 3, 2020

Pluto is a text-based social assistant to help you manage relationships you care about and be more intentional with the people in your life.

Thomas Hazel - Founder & CTO, ChaosSearch

Submitted: Aug 25, 2020

ChaosSearch delivers on the true promise of data lakes, instantly turning a company’s own cloud object storage into a hot, robust, streamlined analytics engine.

“The growth/success in the first half of 2020 is a testament to our overarching mission, the team as a whole, and of course the cutting-edge technology that makes Chaos innovation possible. This summer we brought on Ed Walsh, a seasoned executive, to grow our business!”

Edmond Jette - CEO, GyftHint

Submitted: Aug 24, 2020

GyftHint is an innovative application that connects you with close friends and family to help you get the perfect gift.

“Hired our first CTO (fractional), expanded our software development team, brought on board our marketing team, and raised additional funding from private individuals. 2020 has been a time for us to refocus, review our current position and strategy and accelerate our business launch.”

Andy Jacques - Cofounder & COO, Pulse 24/7

Submitted: Sept 23, 2020

Pulse 24/7 is a productivity management tool helping small businesses and freelancers to manage their services, team members, revenue, customer retention, social media curation, and reputation in the simplest and most effective way possible via web, dashboard, and mobile.

“My team at Pulse 24/7 has been able to empower more than 1,200+ gig workers & freelancers across the country to start their own service business since the pandemic started.”

Craig Zevin - COO, UBERDOC Inc.

Submitted: Aug 16, 2020

UBERDOC provides priority access to the best doctors for an affordable, transparent price.

Michelle Higginson - CMO & Cofounder, Inlightened

Submitted: Sept 23, 2020

Inlightened is the only network of engaged clinicians and experts passionate about helping healthcare innovators succeed.

“In August, we officially launched our web-based platform to handle search, contracting, scheduling, and payment, so our members can focus on what matters: accessing the expertise they need, on their terms, in order to disrupt responsibly.”

What Have You or Your Colleagues Accomplished?

Did you knock something out of the park this week? Did one of your colleagues do something that deserves some praise and recognition? Then stop what you’re doing and share it with us.

We’re always looking for startups - and startup employees - we can celebrate! Building a startup is hard enough, let’s celebrate those small wins you experience during the climb.

Submit a milestone today by clicking here.


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