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Celebrating Startup Milestones: Issue #6

While the holidays may be approaching, the grind isn’t slowing down in Boston. From new hires to awards to a new podcast series, these startups are crushing milestones during their company journey.

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Now onto the weekly roundup...


Date submitted: Nov 23, 2020

Place a Tap sticker on your phone or wallet, and with just a tap of their phone the people you meet instantly get your contact details. And the best part - they don't need an app or a sticker!

"We just launched our Android app and over 1000 taps have taken place!" - Phil Greenwald, Founder & CEO, Tap

You can learn more by following Tap on Instagram, click here.

Isle de Nature

Date posted: Nov 16, 2020

Isle de Nature was born out of the recognition that today, unspoiled nature is a luxury. Their candles are made to be as sustainable and non-toxic as possible. They are a blend of beeswax and soy, made to burn cleaner and smell amazing -- a scent that will transport you back to nature island.

They were Vertical-approved and are able to stand alongside a community of better retail brands on the Verticale’s newly launched marketplace.

You can support this startup by liking this post. And connect with their Cofounder, Veronica Armstrong, on LinkedIn here.


Date posted: Nov 17, 2020

Bastion is a digital health platform pioneering technology to impact and enhance male reproductive health. This company created an at-home fertility test for men along with a platform that connects them with physicians, and guides them through their journey to better reproductive health.

This company unveiled their refreshed brand. The updates show the evolution of their company since its founding in 2018.

You can support this startup by liking this post here. And connect with their Cofounder and CEO, Reza Amin, on LinkedIn here.


Date posted: Nov 17, 2020

Reggora is a VC-backed technology company that is automating the residential valuation process. They are working to remove the headaches from one of the most labor-intensive and time consuming components of securing a mortgage: the appraisal.

This Boston-based company was shortlisted for the Emerging Tech Company of the Year Award in the NEVY Awards 2 Oz 0.

You can support this startup by liking this post here. And connect with their CEO, Brian Zitin, on LinkedIn here.

Everyday Life Insurance & Granular

Date posted: Nov 18, 2020

Everyday Life Insurances gives you the exact coverage you need at exactly the right time in your life – automatically.

Granular seeks to make sense of the constantly evolving world in which we live. They focus on creating alternative indicators for emerging economies where robust methods of understanding markets are not presently available.

Both MA-based companies were accepted into the Techstars Boston program. You can read the full article here. And learn more about Everyday Life Insurance here and Granular here.


Date posted: Oct 23, 2020

Worthright helps seniors better support their retirement needs by using an existing life insurance policy.

The Boston startup brought on their Editorial Director, Brian O’Connor, who will be responsible for growing the resources they offer to families and to the care managers who serve them.

You can support this startup by liking this post here. And connect with their Cofounder & CEO, Aaron O’Hearn, on LinkedIn here.

Date Posted: Nov 11, 2020 is a Boston-based startup building a Feedback Management System designed to support the entire feedback lifecycle. Parlor organizes all of your user feedback into a single system of record, quantifies the highest impact user needs, and automatically closes the loop with users.

This startup launched a new podcast series, “Customer Success 101,” this month! The show is for the product folks who don’t have all of the answers, but still get the job done. Instead of romanticizing the product visionaries,'s Cameron Curry and Yonas Dinkneh share their honest and opinionated perspective as two early career PMs.

You can check out the show here. And connect with Cameron Currey on LinkedIn here and Yonas Dinkneh here.

What Have You Accomplished This Past Month?

Did you hire a new team member? Put a new feature or product in beta? Make your first sale?

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