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Get Ready For 5 Days of Non-Stop Startup Action—Startup Boston Week is Back, and it’s Virtual!

We’re back! Startup Boston Week returns September 21–25, 2020 for a week of virtual learning, content, and networking with entrepreneurs from the New England startup community and beyond. We’re excited to bring a week of value that explores the startup world from every angle, whether you’re a founder, investor, or a newcomer looking to find a place in the vibrant Boston startup community.

Our programs in 2020 include two new tracks for a total of ten, all designed to give you actionable advice, insights, deepened knowledge and an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals. Learn about our tracks, below, and visit to discover our 70+ events.

NEW! Student Track

NEW for 2020! Perfect for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Are you interested in starting your own business? Or have you already started a business and you’re looking for more? Interested in joining a startup as a student? Explore what it takes as a student to refine your business ideas, found your business, and how you can connect into the broader startup community for advice, guidance, business, and career opportunities.

Included in the Student Track:

NEW! Data Track

NEW for 2020! Understanding your target market, the success of your product with customers, and the need to make effective business decisions all come back to actionable data and analytics. In this track we’ll cover tools and techniques for putting data to work to power your decision making and drive your startup success.

Included in the Data Track:

Founders & C-Suite Track

Learn about the strategies and nuances of business formation, finding co-founders, taking the leap, and maintaining your physical and mental health—all while starting and scaling your company. This track is perfect for first time founders, serial entrepreneurs, and executives in bootstrapped or funded companies.

Included in the Founders & C-Suite Track:

Customer Success & Support Track

Explore best practices, tactics and methods for onboarding customers, operating your products, measuring business health, handling customer demands, and leveraging ops and support to help your company scale and grow. This track is perfect for entrepreneurs, startup employees who have a well defined market and are looking to build/expand their base of product evangelists.

Included in the Customer Success & Support Track:

People Ops & Team Leaders Track

Learn how successful companies approach hiring, establishing culture, building a mentor network, and managing a remote workforce. This track is perfect for leaders who are helping a growing company attract, train and retain top talent in New England’s competitive startup scene.

Included in the People Ops & Team Leaders Track:

Sales and Marketing Track

Your company needs customers in order to succeed. This track is focused on the latest techniques and methods for attracting, growing, interacting and learning from your potential customer base. Participate in panels discussing sales, marketing, business development and growth hacking. We’ll cover everything from your first sale to massively scaling your customer acquisition strategy.

Included in the Sales and Marketing Track:

Product and Design Track

In this track, we gather product development experts, ace designers, and industry leaders to talk about all things related to making viral products customers love. This track is crafted to serve anyone contributing to a product development or design team and will feature workshops and panels providing key insights from the experts on what it takes to design, build, and launch successful products.

Included in the Product and Design Track

Engineering Track

This track is designed for engineers, devs, CTOs, and anyone who’s looking to gain insights into the latest tech and best practices for launching, scaling, and growing digital products. Our panels and workshops will cover the latest tech trends, techniques, and solutions to common challenges facing tech teams in a startup environment.

Included in the Engineering Track:

Investor Track

Are you looking to start your own fund? Join a VC firm? Looking for the hottest companies in Boston to invest in? This track is for you! We’ll explore everything from breaking into the angel investor scene to managing strategic investing for corporate venture funds.

Included in the Investor Track:

Startup Community Track

Just because this is a virtual conference doesn’t mean we can’t meet face-to-face. Our Startup Community track events will provide opportunities to connect with a wealth of talent, experiences, wisdom, and problem-solving know-how. Join us in this track to share your knowledge, learn from others, and to celebrate strengthening the startup community!

Included in the Community Track:

See you there!

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