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Top 10 Health and Medical Startups to Watch in Boston

Home to some of the very best hospitals and healthcare systems in the United States, Boston is a hotbed for health and medical startups. The health and medical landscape is always innovating to solve for issues, particularly as we make our way through the pandemic and look ahead at the future of the healthcare system. At Startup Boston, we love keeping our eye on the hot new startups in the health and medical world, and here’s a few that we’ve spotted recently around Boston to watch:

Bento Dental

Noting that “roughly one-in-three Americans lacks dental insurance, and one of the biggest barriers to access is the high cost of dental care”, Bento Dental, a dental benefits technology company, set out to solve this ongoing national problem. Their modern alternative to dental insurance offers affordable oral care for employers, groups, dentists and individuals nationwide. The platform allows users to enroll, unenroll, select services, sell plans, and process financials. Bento Dental was founded by Ram Sudireddy, a serial entrepreneur.

Zeta Surgical

Founded by a team of Harvard graduates, Zeta surgical has a mission to create robotic technology to shape the future of surgery. Their products leverage computer vision and AI to support surgeries during point-of-care, without having patients go under anesthesia. Their initial focus is on the treatment of neurological emergencies, brain cancer and neuromotor disorders.


Women’s health innovation continues to thrive right here in Boston. Co-founded by Katie Diasti, a Boston College grad fed up with the chemicals in their menstrual products, she banded together with some other women to create a “by Gen Z, for Gen Z” brand devoted to sustainable, natural period care products. With current offerings of tampons and pads, Viv uses organic ingredients such as bamboo fiber and corn fiber in their products.


Founded in 2020, Juli is a new health data tracking app that supports chronic health conditions. Through AI, Juli integrates information between smartphone and wearables, environmental data and self-reported data to provide recommendations and support treatment plans. The co-founding team includes Bettina Hein, Bettina Duehrkoop, Joris Straatman, and Joseph Hayes, MD, Phd.


Incubated in Boston, Legacy aims to disrupt the fertility market by providing a digital, non-gendered sperm clinic where customers can easily deposit, freeze and store sperm. Their goal is to give men greater access to their sperm health and protect their future legacy. After recently closing a series A funding round, we can expect to see much more coming from their team.


Founded in 2018 by the co-founder of Imprivata, David Ting, Tausight aims to reduce healthcare cyber incidents with a more proactive risk management solution. They are working to serve healthcare providers and administration to create a positive change in the landscape.

Grow Therapy

Founded on the tenet of innovating the mental health industry, Grow Therapy is a technology-enabled mental health group on a mission to help clients find affordable mental health care. Their product allows users to quickly find the right mental health practitioners for their unique needs and their model also helps providers launch their own practices. Grow Therapy was co-founded by Manoj Kanagaraj, a current Harvard University student.

Eleanor Health

Founded in 2019, Eleanor Heath aims to help those affected by addiction or concerned with their mental health, supporting them in living their best life. Through technology and in-person teams, Eleanor Health offers evidence-based treatment for those in need.

Assured Allies

Co-Founders, Roee Nahir and Afik Gal came together in 2018 to shape the future of aging through technology. Together with physicians and data scientists, social workers and experts on aging, they are working to help people make the most of their life. They currently offer an Age Assured program: a free program offered through long term care insurance companies designed for people who want help continuing to live independently as they age.


Transforming dental care through AI, Overjet was founded in 2018 by PhDs from the Massachusetts Institute of technology and dentists from Harvard School of Dental Medicine and incubated at the Harvard Innovations Lab. Overjet uses computer vision algorithms to improve dental care around the world.

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