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Navigating the Boston HR Tech Startup Scene - Who to Know, Where to Go

Although HR Tech is not one of the larger local startup tech sector hubs in Boston and New England, it is a mighty scene nonetheless.

There are startups that are on missions to match veterans with employers and help employers improve the experience of their hourly workers. There are others pioneering technologies to reduce bias in organizations and applying neuroscience to improve employee wellbeing.

Discover some of the HR Tech players in Boston and New England, including movers and shakers who are busy making things happen. There are quite a few you’ll want to keep your eye on!

HR Tech Startups to Watch

Here are a few startups in the Boston and new England startup scene you’ll want to keep eyes on:

Job Search, Hiring and Skill Building:

Avrio Ai — is an AI recruitment platform that accelerates recruiting process with AI powered matching and intelligent chatbot engagement

Cangrade — is a platform that offers hiring and talent management solutions to make the right talent decisions efficient, easy, and bias-free, from hiring through promotions

Catalant — connects independent consultants and subject-matter experts with companies all over the world through its platform

Filtered — changes how companies evaluate and hire their top technical talent while empowering qualified candidates to showcase their capabilities through its skills-based hiring platform

Headlamp — is building a Skillbridge-as-a-Service to connect veterans and employers through a veteran transition accelerator program

HourWork — helps companies become employers of choice for hourly employees through its comprehensive, data-driven software platform that helps boost loyalty and recruitment efforts

inSpring — transforms the education to career pipeline for international candidates and employers in the highest demand fields in the US through their global network of employers, educational institutions and students.

Jobble — helps job seekers find flexible and full-time work through their all-in-one job search platform

JobGet — helps millions of hourly workers to find their dream jobs with leading employers across the US instantly and efficiently through its app

LaunchSource — trains entry-level sales professionals with basic skills and helps companies build stronger sales teams through their platform

Pyxai — helps companies assess for soft skills and culture values during the hiring process

Recruitics — helps companies attract and hire great talent through their data-powered recruitment platform.

Employee Perks and Recognition:

Comptmakes it easier for employees to choose the lifestyle perks they want through IRS-compliant stipends and customizable options for employers

PerkSweet — helps companies and their leaders to acknowledge and send gifts to their employees through their employee engagement and rewards platform

Remote Work Administration:

Remote Pass — makes it easy to hire, offer benefits, onboard, manage & pay global teams all-in-one place

Robin — enables hybrid companies to build strong workplace experiences for their employees and teams through its desk and room booking software platform

Workplace Culture:

HelloTeam — fosters community, boosts employee retention and creates data-driven people strategies through its performance management and employee engagement platform

Leading Indicator Systems — designs, hosts, and supports survey and applied neuroscience solutions to help clients understand and act on their most critical human capital and emotional wellbeing needs

SigmaSquared — is pioneering analytical tools to recognize and reduce bias in organizations.

Learning and Leadership Development:

AceUp — offers transformational leadership development at scale through one-to-one coaching and group training.

Electives — offers live learning training experiences to companies through its platform of experts and full-service support

Some Movers and Shakers in the HR Tech Space

Stay on top of the conversation in the HR Tech space by following these industry movers and shakers:

Amy Spurling - on Linkedin - Founder and CEO at Compt

Jason Lavender - on LinkedIn - Co-Founder at Electives

Jennifer Paxton - on LinkedIn - Co-Founder of Jamyr, acquired by Recruitrics

Kurt Edwards - on Linkedin - Co-Founder and CEO at Pyxai

Rahkeem Morris - on LinkedIn - Founder and CEO at HourWork

Zach Dunn - on LinkedIn - Co-Founder and VP of Customer Experience at Robin

Resources and Investors in the HR Tech Startup Scene

Unfortunately, there are not many HR Tech networking groups and investors based in the Boston Area, but here are a few groups and folks you’ll want to check out, that are located outside of Boston:

#People - a community for people ops, human resources and talent professionals

People People - PeoplePeople gives HR, People Ops, and Recruiting professionals a place to ask questions, share best practices, and learn from one another.

The People Ops Community - a free space to connect with People Ops peers, providing peer matching programs and question threads.

The People Ops Society - a vetted community for People Operations professionals to gather, grow and transform the working world

Rands Leadership Slack - exists to help longtime, new, and aspiring leaders to learn through conversation and sharing of ideas.There are also a bunch of regional meetup channels for Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and other regions worldwide.

Resources for Humans - a community is designed to help HR professionals connect, share advice, and ask questions.

Stay tuned with the latest updates on the HR Tech Startup Scene!

The space is constantly changing and new players enter the game. We try to keep our resources up to date, but if there’s anything we missed send us a message using this link. Thank you!

About the Author - Sharon Unis is the founder of Waterbear Planet where she helps leaders and organizations solve stress and burnout. She understands the toll that being in the startup space can take on personal wellbeing and offers clients time and space to nourish their energy and implement action steps to improve work-life integration, maintain overall happiness and boost work performance both individually and as teams.


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