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Startup Resources: Cleantech Open Northeast, Accelerator for Early Stage Cleantech

Cleantech Open, the largest cleantech accelerator globally, is on a mission to identify, finance and nurture successful cleantech startups. Cleantech Open Northeast is operated by Northeast Clean Energy Council, based at Greentown Labs in Somerville.

Who Should Join Cleantech Open’s Accelerator?

This 5-month program is for very early-stage startups, with at least 2 members whose current funding is less than $1.5 Million from private investors or less than $10 Million from friends, family and grants. Any early-stage startup working on a solution that benefits the environment should consider applying, such as:

  • Energy Generation

  • Energy Distribution & Storage

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Chemicals & Advanced Materials

  • Information & Communications Technologies (ICT)

  • Green Building

  • Transportation

  • Agriculture, Water & Waste

What are the benefits of joining?

Every year, Cleantech Open hosts 100 - 150 startups from across the United States, offering a range of startup acceleration services from in-depth mentoring and training, to introducing and matching founders, investors and corporations, to providing opportunities to showcase startups regionally and nationally.

Typically about 50% of the startups in this accelerator program are from the Northeast, through Cleantech Open Northeast. Companies that participate in the Northeast will have the opportunity to compete for a portion of $70,000 in prizes, including four $10,000 Regional Winner Prizes and three $10,000 specialty prizes. Nationally, Regional Finalists will compete for a $50,000 Grand Prize. As a bonus, all graduating startups are eligible for a plethora of in-kind services offered by startup supporters throughout the region. As highlighted above, benefits also include connecting with experts in cleantech, including mentors, industry leaders, investors, and more.

Cleantech Open Northeast’s Impact since 2005

There have been 555 Cleantech Open Northeast alumni since 2005:

  • 71% are still active or have had a successful exit

  • Raised $1.05+ billion

  • Created 3,100+ clean economy jobs

  • Generated $486+ million in revenue

  • Nine of the top ten highest-funded companies are led by a woman or a minority

Additionally, the 2022 Cleantech Open Northeast cohort estimated that, altogether, their emissions reduction potential would be the same as removing 17 million gas-fueled cars every year. Learn more about Cleantech Northeast’s impact over the years.

How Can You Join the Cleantech Open Accelerator in 2023?

Learn more about how you can get involved below!

  • Attend a kickoff event (live or on demand) to learn more about the program!

  • Start an Application online.

  • Fees are $30 through 2/28/23, and then $75 starting on 3/1/23.

  • Applications are due on 4/16/23 at 11:59 PM (ET).

  • Founders are notified whether they were accepted or not on 5/5/23.

  • If accepted, the fee to join the program is $1,500 ($1,000 for students) for up to 2 members.

Who leads Cleantech Open Northeast?

Check out the leaders of this program:

Learn More About Cleantech Open Northeast

Check out the resources below to learn more about this program:

Also, follow them on Twitter and, on Linkedin, connect with both Cleantech Open and Cleantech Northeast / NECEC.

Do you know another resource in the New England startup community we should highlight? Drop us a line here and let us know!


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