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Startup Resources: Greentown Labs, Connecting the Climatech Industry in Boston

Greentown labs is the largest climatech startup incubator in North America. Their headquarters is located in Somerville, MA and they also recently opened a location in Houston, TX. Some startups who have gone through their program include Bevi, Beantrust, Clover Food Lab, RightHand Robotics, RISE Robotics, Root AI and Trillium Brewing Company.

Greentown Labs’ Goal

This community is on a mission to solve the climate crisis through entrepreneurship and collaboration. The Greentown Labs community wants to change the way people think about, engage with and use energy. They aspire to be the leading hub where, globally, people work towards the shared goal of a sustainable and renewable future.

Who Should Join Greentown Labs?

Greentown labs accepts companies across the climatech spectrum. They generally work with startups creating hard tech and deep tech solutions for transportation, electricity, manufacturing, buildings, water and agriculture, and resilience and adaptation.

Generally speaking, most startups who join Greentown Labs have received their seed round of funding and have 3-5 employees. They typically stay at Greentown Labs for 2 years or after they secure their Series A funding.

What Resources Does Greentown Labs Provide?

They provide event space, office space and lab space - both for prototyping and web lab space. However, you do not need to be physically in Somerville or Houston to join. Many join their program for resources that are not location based. This includes access to other members, their corporate partner program and their investor network.

Additionally, when you’re a member of Greentown Labs, you have access to their investor program. Within this program, their full-time community manager is dedicated to fostering connections between their entrepreneur network, which is actively raising within Greentown Labs, and their network of investors.

Lastly, Greentown Labs has a sister nonprofit, FORGE. This nonprofit is focused on helping companies across Massachusetts connect with manufacturers across Massachusetts. This is a great resource for startups developing both physical prototypes and hard technology.

How Can You Join Greentown Labs?

You do have to apply to join Greentown Labs. The team is always looking to connect with promising climatech startups on an international level. As a first step of the vetting process, the startup will have a conversation with the Greentown Labs team to gauge their seriousness, their stage, their fit and their needs.

Then, the startup will be required to fill out a thorough application, consisting of roughly 50 questions. It is a protected and confidential application, so this incubator will ask you to open up and share information about your funding to-date, your core founding team, your technology, if you have any association with universities or colleges, and additional information regarding your company’s stage.

Once this is complete, the committee will review and then set up an interview with your startup. If everything goes well, then they will recommend you to Greentown Labs’ Board of Directors, who will ultimately be the one to approve the startup .

There is no deadline to apply, Greentown Labs does accept startups on a rolling basis. You can learn more here.

What Events Can You Attend?

Greentown Labs does offer events you can attend, even if you are not a member. Check it out on their website!

Who Leads Greentown Labs?

Here are a few (of the many!) brains behind Greentown Labs:

Learn More About Greentown Labs

Learn more about Greentown labs by visiting their website. And feel free to give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Do you know another resource in the New England startup community we should highlight? Drop us a line here and let us know!


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