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Startup Resources: NH Tech Alliance, Connecting the New Hampshire Tech Ecosystem

Updated: Apr 19

The NH Tech Alliance, based out of Manchester, NH, is a technology association for NH-based and NH-affiliated companies at all stages. Through a combination of targeted initiatives and robust membership and sponsorship programs, NH Tech Alliance supports a vibrant tech ecosystem throughout the state by connecting tech companies and their employees with business tools, event programming and access to a tight-knit network of influential decision-makers and investors.

How can the NH Tech Alliance help my startup?

There are many benefits to becoming part of the NH Tech Alliance:

  • Participate in networking events. Check out all upcoming events the NH Tech Alliance is hosting right here.

  • Build relationships through the NH tech member community

  • Attend monthly Thursday office hours with experts

  • Join quarterly events for founders and entrepreneurs at all stages

  • Angel and VC investors convene at least quarterly

  • Receive help through a variety of specialized initiatives

  • Enjoy online content featuring local founders, experts and resources

Who should join the NH Tech Alliance?

Current members include over 250 technology companies and technology service providers and their 50,000 employees are building their brands, making new connections, accessing employee resources and growing their talent and sales pipelines across the following industries:

  • The Tech Alliance is open to any companies or founders that live in or have offices in New Hampshire, or have an interest in doing business in NH

  • Anyone interested in being engaged with the NH Tech community

What are the benefits of joining the NH Tech Alliance community?

The benefits of joining the NH Tech Alliance as a member include receiving help with building brand awareness, accessing to key stakeholders and curated networking opportunities:

  • Press coverage and speaking opportunities

  • Promotional marketing

  • Connection to policy makers

  • Industry connections

  • Access to talent

  • Networking channels

  • Exclusive events and discounts

How can you join the NH Tech Alliance?

You can learn more about member benefits of joining NH Tech Alliance and apply to be part of NH Tech Alliance right here.

Pre-revenue startups are offered complimentary membership, otherwise membership fees start at $150 for remote workers in NH or $500 for companies with annual revenues of up to $500K. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Who leads the NH Tech Alliance?

Check out the leaders of this program:

Learn more about the NH Tech Alliance

Check out the resources below to learn more about this organization:

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About the Author - Sharon Unis is the founder of Waterbear Planet where she helps leaders and organizations solve stress and burnout. She understands the toll that being in the startup space can take on personal wellbeing and offers clients time and space to nourish their energy and implement action steps to improve work-life integration, maintain overall happiness and boost work performance both individually and as teams.


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