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Top 8 Resources for New England Startup Jobs

In today's dynamic job market, finding the right opportunity can feel like navigating a maze. While networking has consistently proven to be one of the most effective ways to land a job, the traditional method of scouring online job platforms remains a steadfast component of the search process. Not all startups utilize job boards to post their jobs. Thanks to AI and ML, there are several web scraping tools available today that consolidate all the available jobs and publish them on a platform.

We've compiled a list of websites that scrape online startup jobs and consolidate and publish them regularly. These websites offer subscriptions to help job seekers stay on top of their startup job search. These platforms offer a centralized place for startup job seekers to explore various opportunities across various industries and locations. For startups, such job publishing tools are particularly valuable, providing visibility and access to a diverse pool of candidates that might not be reachable through networking alone. Startups - often with limited resources - benefit from the broad exposure and streamlined application processes that startup job platforms offer.

So, while networking might provide the personalized touch and hidden startup job opportunities, job sites remain a vital resource in the job search arsenal. These two methods complement each other; when used together, they significantly enhance the chances of finding the perfect startup job or the ideal candidate fit for your startup.

Here is a shortlist of  job boards that cater specifically to startup jobs. While most of these job boards publish jobs across the country, they also cater to startups in the New England area.

Top 8 Resources for Startup Jobs in Boston

  1. Climatetechlist is a Substack exclusively for Climate jobs

  2. BuiltinBoston offers a collection of some of the best tech and startup jobs in New England

  3. TopStartups offers a comprehensive board of startup jobs in cities across the country (go ahead and search for jobs within New England).

  4. Wellfound is a fun, interactive site connecting startups and job seekers.

  5. is an easy-to-browse site featuring open jobs broken down by region, specialty, and more

  6. Venturefizz features jobs in the Boston area and NYC Metro, along with remote positions:

  7. Ventureloop features a tremendous array of open positions in Boston

  8. Y Combinator offers the option to apply to thousands of startup jobs through a single profile

Another great piece of advice for those looking for their next startup-related opportunity in New England come get involved with us at Startup Boston! It’s the perfect place to network, learn about new job opportunities, and share your knowledge and experience with the startup community’s movers and shakers.  

About the Author: Aruna Mandulapalli is a seasoned recruiter who has worked across industries and has recruited for several reputable companies in the US. She founded her own recruiting company HireSimplified with a mission to bring her expertise to scaling startups.


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