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Watch the Replay: SBW2023 Customer Success & Support Track

Updated: 2 days ago

Are you currently responsible for creating and scaling your startup’s customer success and support strategy or building your CS or support teams? We’ve created some content on-demand just for you! During Startup Boston Week 2023, our Customer Success and Support Track was created for CS and support leaders in mind.

Ensuring Your CS Team & Customer Crush Onboarding

A solid onboarding process sets customers up for a stable relationship and smooth experience with your company. You need to delegate and structure the journey to set everyone up for success.

During this video, you’ll learn:

  • Customer onboarding best practices

  • Customer onboarding responsibility delegation

  • Expectation setting for onboarding and post-onboarding support

The Ins and Outs of Customer Satisfaction Metrics

Tools to collect customer satisfaction data are only as effective as the systems to interpret them. The what, the when, and the how of metrics are all important to examine for your business.

During this video, you’ll learn:

  • What KPIs are important for measuring success within Customer Support

  • When metrics should be reviewed and pivoted

  • How to build a strong future by understanding Customer Success metrics

  • How to share customer feedback with other departments for continuous improvement

Leveraging Customer Feedback to Improve Product & Performance

Customer feedback can be a gift that helps your company grow. Effectively leveraging this input will develop your product, improve your performance, and strengthen client relations.

During this video, you’ll learn:

  • Understand conflicting customer feedback

  • Identify constructive comments and necessary input from the noise

  • Triage incoming information to efficiently and effectively respond

  • Leverage customer feedback to guide internal decision making

How to Be the Leader That Empowers Your Customer Success and Support Teams

Effective interdepartmental collaboration is key to successfully serving clients. It’s necessary to establish workflows and communication systems to deliver a smooth client experience.

During this video, you’ll learn:

  • How successful transitions from Sales to Customer Success look and feel

  • How to raise challenges, generate solutions, and take actions amongst departments

  • How to align customer expectations with customer experience

  • How customer feedback is constructively shared between Product, Sales, and Customer Success

How to Fortify Engaging Client Relationships

Relationships are difficult to develop and important to establish. You will want to focus on fortifying connections between you and your customers, especially in the early-to-growth stage.

During this video, you’ll learn:

  • Employing customer success “golden rules”

  • Understanding when to invest time building strong connections from weak connections

  • Identifying and maintaining strong connections

How to Turn Customers into Champions

Customers are great, champions are better. To grow your business, you will want to identify ways to attract brand champions—folks who advocate for your company.

During this video, you’ll learn:

  • The value an advocate customer provides in helping achieve goals

  • Strategies to turn a customer into an advocate

  • When and how to ask a customer to share their positive feedback

  • When you should consider incentivizing customers to provide feedback

  • If you receive a negative public-facing review, the best way to address the review and—hopefully—regain that customer’s trust and the public’s trust

Advancing Your Career in Customer Success & Support

Upon entering a career track, you will want to understand how to advance on your path toward continuous growth. There are many ways to level up on your journey to success when serving customers.

During this video, you’ll learn:

  • The possible pathways into the Customer Success or Customer Support career

  • What folks have done that most-greatly contribute to their continued success

  • What folks wish they paid attention to earlier in their career

  • How to seek opportunities to learn and grow

  • How to manage work-life balance

Maintaining a Superior Customer Experience During Economic Downturn

Maintaining a superior client experience is challenging…especially in an economic downturn. You can take steps to put yourself in a position that allows for nimble customer response in the face of changing markets.

During this video, you’ll learn:

  • How to monitor and respond to the needs of the customer during an economic downturn

  • How your team can plan to come out on top of an economic downturn

  • How to best position renewal and expansion conversations in the current market

  • The resources have been most helpful in understanding how the economy may be impacting the target customer

What customer success and support topics do you want the Startup Boston Team to tackle next. Let us know your thoughts in this brief survey.


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