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Watch the Replay: SBW2023 Marketing & Sales Track

Are you currently responsible for creating and scaling your startup’s marketing and sales teams? Then we’ve created some content on-demand just for you! During Startup Boston Week 2023, our Marketing and Sales Track was created for marketing and sales teams, first-time managers and operators, and founders.

Managing Your Startup’s Marketing as a One-Person Team

Are you currently the first marketing hire on an organizing team - or a founder who just hired their first person responsible for marketing?

During this video, we’ll discuss:

  • The most critical tools the first marketer needs to be successful

  • Expectations to set with the first marketer that are achievable

  • What to do, as a marketing hire, when your ideas don’t come to fruition - and how quick to pivot

  • How to ensure sales, marketing, and other departments are aligned in their vision and efforts

Utilizing Marketing Data for Your Startup’s Narrative

Learn how to get the most out of your marketing data and use it accurately and effectively to build your brand.

During this video, we’ll discuss:

  • The metrics and data points you should consider when crafting your brand identity

  • How to navigate your data pool and leverage insights to arrive at actionable conclusions

  • How to maintain data integrity and market your metrics honestly

  • When to outsource an analyst and when to hire one internally

How to Create Your Startup’s Brand Identity

Whether you are on solid footing with your company’s brand or going through a pivot, navigating brand identity is an important part of your journey as a founder or marketing professional.

Learn about:

  • How to think about creating a brand identity

  • How to decide what image we put out to the public

  • What tools you should leverage to successfully market your startup

  • How to balance between being consistent with being creative

The 101 on SEO for Your Startup

SEO plays a pivotal role in driving rankings and source traffic, and overall helping your startup get “found” by potential customers. By building your SEO content with conversion in mind at the very beginning, then you’d generate more organic traffic that actually converts into revenue.

During this video:

  • The basics of SEO

  • How to incorporate keywords into your marketing strategy

  • How to think about your content strategy with search in mind

How to Qualify Sales Prospects

For early stage startups, generating revenue and a successful track record with customers requires a sales strategy to get the wheels turning. Ensure you and your growing sales team are sourcing the right prospects in your target market and qualifying leads to win more sales.

During this video, you’ll learn:

  • The best ways to connect with your prospects online vs. in person

  • Which leads are right for your business and which ones should you go after first

  • How to ensure you capture these leads successfully

  • Which initial wins help impact future sales

What to Include in Your Startup’s Sales Pitch

What does it take to build and deliver a successful pitch to your prospective buyers? Learn from our expert panel of sales professionals as they discuss just that!

During this video, you’ll learn:

  • The elements of a strong sales pitch

  • What changes in your delivery when you perform a pitch in-person verse virtually verse over the phone

  • How to engage your audience during a sales pitch

  • The parts of your startup’s pitch that should remain the same vs. what parts should be variable depending on the person at the other end

All of Your Startup Sales’ Leader Questions - Answered

We’ve sat down with two expert sales leaders to get all of your questions answered about starting and scaling your startup’s sales strategy.

During this video, we’ll discuss how to:

  • Handle struggles at different stages of company development

  • Establish your ICP or beachhead market

  • Delegate sales responsibilities as your sales team grows

  • Pivot or refine your approach to sales as your startup scales

What product and design topics do you want the Startup Boston Team to tackle next? Let us know your thoughts in this brief survey.


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