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Watch the Replay: SBW2023 Product & Design Track

Updated: 2 days ago

Are you currently responsible for creating and scaling your startup’s product and design teams? Then we’ve created some content on-demand just for you! During Startup Boston Week 2023, our Product and Design Track was created for product and design teams, first-time managers and operators, and founders.

How to Build Your Startup’s Product Team

Your product is only as strong as your product team - and the team ebbs and flows as the company evolves. You need to consider how to align new hires with your team’s culture, identifying the knowledge gaps you need to recruit for and establishing roles and responsibilities across the team.

During this video we’ll discuss:

  • The best practices for scaling your product team

  • Interview questions you’ll want to consider utilizing

  • How to set the right tone and culture for your team

  • And what to do when a recent hire is not the right fit

Creating and Maintaining Your Product Spec

Developing your startup’s software doesn’t just happen by accident - it requires a product spec , which outlines the product you will be building, what it is going to look like and its specific requirements and functions.

During this video we’ll discuss:

  • What is included in a product spec document

  • The pros and cons of a product spec at different stages of the company

  • How much documentation you should have

  • And how to maintain these product specs consistently

Best Practices for Educating Customers on New Product Features

As your startup explores what new features to launch and starts improving your product, it’s so incredibly important to keep your current customers in the loop on what improvements are being made to the platform.

During this video, we’ll discuss:

  • How to balance innovation and continuous experience

  • What user research and data you should utilize to inform product innovation

  • What to keep in mind through the process of engaging with customers

  • The best ways to re-educate current users on new, upcoming features

How to Incorporate AI into Your Startup’s Roadmap with Gravitate AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has improved year over year and now there are more possibilities than ever for startups to build custom AI products to enhance the customer experience or improve operational efficiencies product features and build out the IP.

During this video, we’ll discuss:

  • How AI can help your startup compete in a competitive landscape

  • What you should know about incorporating AI into your product roadmap - before you get started

  • How investors are thinking of investing in startups that utilize AI

  • The pain points you may encounter during AI development

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Customizing Your Product for Specific Clientele

Every startup wants happy customers. However, building each and every specific feature recommended by a customer is time-consuming, energy-intensive, and may not always be the right solution. It’s important to be able to sift through feedback, prioritize certain product additions, and deliver at scale. Easier said than done.

During this video, we’ll explore:

  • How to decide between building for a single, large customer verse a group of multiple, smaller customers

  • Best practices for tackling specific requirements for one or a few customers

  • The processes and platforms you should have in place to ensure the right prioritization of request features

How to Balance Swift Execution While Controlling Quality Output

Building a product that your customers want isn’t easy. Doing it quickly while also ensuring high quality - seems almost impossible. That being said, outlining and executing a detailed plan can help your startup prepare in the right ways to forge a pathway for success.

During this video, we’ll discuss:

  • How different stages of your startup will affect being quick verse developing quality

  • What to consider during scrappy product development verse a thorough product development

  • How to figure out the right development cycle for your startup

  • Best ways to manage technical debt

Ensuring That Your Outsourced UX/UI Looks Homegrown

It’s not uncommon to see startups utilize outsourced design teams, particularly in their early stages with only 1 or 2 in-house product-focused employees. Yet making sure your team is aligned across all FTEs, contractors, freelancers, product leaders, and any other outside parties is key to having a unified product look and feel.

This video will discuss:

  • The user experience strategy - and why is it important

  • When to start thinking about product design during your product development

  • The key considerations to be aware of when you decide to outsource the work

  • Some of the challenges in aligning with single or multiple outsourced partners

How to Acquire and Keep Your Users Happy

Growing a startup relies on the ability to both capture new customers as well as hold onto and even upsize the relationships with existing ones. In order to do so, it is key to understand the important details around when, how, what, and why the team should focus on to continue growing.

During this video, we’ll chat about:

  • What priorities you should focus on (acquisition or retention) as a product leader

  • Tradeoffs to consider

  • Deciding on where to focus resources of a small development/product team - user acquisition or user retention features and strategy

  • How to think about the product strategy and roadmap

What product and design topics do you want the Startup Boston Team to tackle next? Let us know your thoughts in this brief survey.


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