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What Does Boston Provide Startups?: The Hub's Unique Advantages

Updated: 3 days ago

Are you new to Boston’s startup scene? Has the startup ecosystem recently piqued your interest? Maybe you are in the process of relocating, or are even stumbling upon a career crossroads? 

Wherever you find yourself in your journey, Boston is a very special place to land. The city is renowned for its increasing innovation and exploration across a number of industries. Boston is home to the world's greatest higher education, biotechnology advances, financial expertise, and research and development. As Boston’s startup presence continues to emerge, there is endless opportunity outside your front door. 

The city brings countless advantages to the startup table. Read on to learn more about the city’s three unique advantages and how Boston competes with the best startup markets out there. 

1. Access to Capital and a Vast Investor Network

Where innovation and development grow, money is sure to follow. As the city’s entrepreneurs continue to category-expand and category-create, funding opportunities are on the rise. Did you know Boston startups raised $7.1 billion in 2023? Carta research indicates this figure accounts for 13.9% of total capital raised across the nation’s most competitive startup markets. Boston holds the #2 spot for most capital investment!

So, where might founders look to engage with Boston’s VCs? Mass Challenge, General Catalyst, and Google Ventures are sure to be strong contenders– all of whom are in great company. Here, you can learn more about the 44 impressive VC firms the city has to offer. 

In addition to angel investment and VCs, Massachusetts is proud to be home to founders, researchers, and developers. To celebrate, encourage, and preserve the Commonwealth’s entrepreneurial spirit, Massachusetts instituted EEOD programs and grants for business and innovation. Among these opportunities are small business loans to fuel the state’s economic health through programs like Massachusetts Growth Captial Lending Products and MassDevelopment Lending Products. 

If you are a founder or investor looking to meet your next match, you are in luck! Every quarter, Startup Boston hosts a Dealflow Mixer to connect founders and investors; the next event takes place on June 6 at 9 AM ET. We invite B2B SaaS founders raising series A and VCs who are eager to invest in unique solutions! Register here

2. A Robust Accelerator and Incubator Community

If you find yourself at a career juncture, desire to meet like-minded professionals or seek mentorship, then you’re in the right place. Boston’s startup ecosystem prides itself on cultivating a community of inclusivity, support, and connection. Whether you are in the ideation, development, or go-to-market stage, the city offers renowned accelerator and incubator programs that present opportunities to grow your team, refine your solution, develop your technology, and make investor introductions. 

Curious to learn more about these spaces or ready to jump right in? See below for Boston’s well-reputed accelerator and incubator programs and events that are just around the corner.

Startup Boston is your go-to spot for all accelerator deadlines and details. We search for and continuously update the upcoming accelerator deadlines that startup founders and CEOs should be aware of in Boston and New England, along with key accelerator programs located virtually and globally. Startup Boston stays on top of dates and program opportunities so you don’t have to! Take a look at our accelerator deadline page for more information. 

Join TechStars’ Virtual Meet & Greet on May 28 at 1 PM ET. Techstars is on a mission to help entrepreneurs succeed. Over the past 17 years, they have invested in more than 4,000 companies with a combined market cap of more than $110.6B. Learn more about their mission and assess if TechStars is the right fit for you. 

Celebrate the culmination of Go Build 2023, a Greentown Go startup-corporate partnerships

accelerator program at the Startup Showcase: Circular Economy in the Buildings Sector on May 30, from 5:30 PM-8 PM ET. Attendees will hear the Go Build 2023 cohort speak about its innovations, work with Saint-Gobain, and where it is headed.

Join MassChallenge’s Boston Brew event on June 20 from 5-7 PM ET  for an afternoon of networking and connection-building. Enjoy light refreshments with MC’s community of startups, MC alumni, experts, and partners, and hear the latest updates from the MassChallenge team. 

3. World-Renowned Education Resources

Boston’s higher education is as synonymous with the city as the Red Sox, lobster rolls, and The Big Dig. Students from around the world enroll in our city and institutions, arming future entrepreneurs with the tools and resources to fuel their academic exploration. Among these resources are innovation labs that welcome students, alumni, startup curious, and even startup veterans. 

Here are  some of Boston’s student innovation labs and events on the horizon:

Check out BUild Lab’s coworking space at 730 Commonwealth Ave in Boston. Between Innovation Quorum, Innovation Pathway, or student mentorship with the Summer Accelerator program, the BUild lab has a myriad of network opportunities. Stay up to speed on events here.

Passionate about climate solutions? Join the Harvard Innovation Lab on May 17 at 11:30 AM ET for their Navigating the Due Diligence Process with Gigascale Capital event. Presenter Evaline Tsai, PhD, will speak about how to better understand what climate investors are looking for, how to navigate the diligence process, and how to get the most out of your investor partners. 

Boston’s startup ecosystem growth is accredited to its dedicated, curious, and tenacious community– a community that we here at Startup Boston are proud to be a part of. Take a look at Startup Boston’s full events calendar to stay in the know for future events and networking opportunities! 

About the Author: Deanna DeFelice is an accomplished professional in the CPG sector. She is well-experienced with domestic and international supply chains and direct-to-consumer business operations. With a passion for mission-driven brand-building, strategy, and innovation, Deanna's current focus is on the FemTech space. You can connect with her here.


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