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Coming to You LIVE: Interviews with Movers & Shakers in the Startup Community

Updated: 2 days ago

During Startup Boston Week 2023, we were excited to launch our first-ever Podcast Stage at Suffolk University. Positioned as the first-thing attendees saw during SBW2023, on this stage, we welcome the incredible local podcasts that are highlighting movers and shakers in our talented Boston and New England startup community!

We were so excited to have attendees listen to these incredible shows during their live recording - and we’re ecstatic to share these recordings, now available on-demand! Check out the links below.

Boston SpeaksUp: Gabriela Serret-Campos - Head of People Strategy & Talent, Chronosphere

Chronosphere is a cloud company that has raised $200M on a $1B+ valuation in 2021. During this interview with Boston SpeaksUp, Gabriela shares all of her experiences and how they have shaped her ability to navigate the future of work - including how these experiences shaped your approach to fostering talent, the strategies she finds most effective for aligning individuals with a shared sense of purpose within a startup and much more.

Boston SpeaksUp: Stanley Rameau - Founder & CEO, Renavest

Stanley Rameau is the founder and CEO of Renavest, a financial education community for investors and individuals to connect, share and build wealth. He is poised to make an even greater impact with the imminent release of the Renavest app on both the app store and Google Play Store this fall

Boston Speaks Up sat down with Rameau at Startup Boston Week to discuss his passion to help individuals take calculated risks and transform their lives.

The VentureFizz Podcast: Wes Schroll - CEO & Founder, Fetch

Fetch is a consumer-engagement platform that rewards shoppers for buying the brands they love. With over 700 employees, over a half a billion dollars raised and a valuation greater than $2.5B.

Keith Cline, of VentureFizz, sat down with the founder, Wes Schroll, a native New Englander, to gather his advice for when you’re figuring out the right problem to solve, the early days of the company, how to build a foundation of customers and consumers and the lessons Wes has learned from scaling his startup.

The VentureFizz Podcast: Elyse Winer - Partner, Material Impact

Material Impact is a deep tech VC firm that invests in startups powered by material science that solve large-scale, real-world problems.

VentureFizz sat down with Elyse to learn more about understanding the differences between B2B and B2C marketing, how to get media attention for your startup and what types of companies Material Impact invests in - and how they support their portfolio.

Heyfounded: Justin McAfee - Founder, Wright One

Wright One has developed a fan which provides a 25% energy efficiency gain compared with current fans. On heyfounded, Justin speaks to how he’s pioneering a highly-efficient cooling solution for energy-hungry data centers with Wright One.

The Ladyboss Podcast: Nivi Jaswal-Wirtjes - Founder, Virsa Foundation

The Virsa Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to public health and planetary health advocacy through research and creative social experiments, focused especially on women and nutritionally underserved populations in the U.S., India and globally.

During this episode, The Ladyboss Podcast speaks to Nivi about founding a non-profit and being a woman in the workplace and plant-based health.

Radio Entrepreneurs: Wendy Slone - CEO & Founder, bTECH

BTECH’s goal is to reduce the number of chronic non-healing wounds. In this episode, Wendy shares about developing her healing technology for chronic wounds to ensure better outcomes in patients with diabetes and the personal journey behind it.

Radio Entrepreneurs: Nana Younge - Founder & Executive Director, Get Girls Going

Get Girls Going is a non-profit that empowers black teen girls to become entrepreneurs. During this interview, Nana shares about her mission to nurture black teen girls through her training and mentorship program.

Radio Entrepreneurs: Zara Perumal - Co-founder & CTO, Overwatch Data

Through Overwatch Data, you can save time and money with actionable, comprehensive and contextualized intelligence for your fraud, security and insights teams. In this episode, Zara discusses some of the stones her platform has turned over on the dark web, and provides you with a peak inside what a day-to-day of a startup founder looks like.

Radio Entrepreneurs: Stanley Rameau - Founder & CEO, Renavest

Renavest is a marketplace where new and experienced investors can find any chat community or influencer best suited for them. During this episode, Stanley discusses how his own journey to learn investing inspired him to launch this platform.

Boston SpeaksUp: Senofer Mendoza - Founder & General Partner, Mendoza Ventures

Mendoza Ventures is a woman-owned and first Latinx-founded VC fund on the East Coast. During this episode, learn what drew Senofer into investing in the FinTech, AI and Cybersecurity sectors and advice she has for VC firms looking to prioritize diversity in their portfolios.

Thank you so much for tuning in and supporting these incredible movers and shakers in our startup community!

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