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Startup Boston Week 2022: What It Is and Why You Don’t Want to Miss Out

We are just days away from the sixth annual Startup Boston Week! With 250 speakers across 80 different events, these five jam-packed days have a little something for each of the 3,000+ registered attendees interested in the Boston startup ecosystem.

One of the fastest growing business events in the city, Startup Boston Week has been one of my favorites to attend for the past few years, albeit virtually. The amazing lineup of speakers, breadth of startup knowledge shared, and vast networking opportunities to connect with other curious minds brings about a unique, inspirational energy.

Last year, my week was highlighted by a deep dive into data governance and usage as a methodology to drive actionable insights for making intelligent business decisions as well as a session on strategies for crowdfunding options before securing your startup’s cash runway. No matter what your interests, I can guarantee that there is at least one event in this year’s Startup Boston Week lineup that will fill the knowledge gap for you or your startup.

Now I imagine if you’d made it this far and haven’t yet registered yet for SBW2022, you’re likely itching to get involved but may still be wondering: But what even is Startup Boston? When and where is Startup Boston Week? How do I get a ticket? Who will even be there and how do I figure out which speakers to see?

Well - you’re in luck. The rest of this blog will answer all of your lingering questions, at which point you’ll be well equipped to set your agenda and attend the event (virtually or in person)!

What is Startup Boston?

Startup Boston is a volunteer-based organization which was launched six years ago with the mission of strengthening Boston innovation by educating, connecting, and celebrating entrepreneurs.

Beginning in 2017, the founding team members held the first Startup Boston Week with 125 speakers. While certainly aware they had something special planned, it wasn’t until the 2,500 attendees flooded in throughout the week that the team knew Startup Boston would be a hit. Now, in 2022, we have 250 speakers booked across 80 events and over 3,000 registered to date - both virtually and in person.

While Startup Boston started around the first-ever SBW2022, the organization has grown and we're now offering year-round opportunities to connect with the startup community and content that provides you with more information on who is who in our startup ecosystem.

When is Startup Boston Week 2022?

Monday September 19th through Friday September 24th, starting at 8am EST and running until around 7/8pm EST each day.

Where is Startup Boston Week 2022?

This year in order to best accommodate all interested in learning about, building, and networking within the startup ecosystem in Boston, Startup Boston Week 2022 will be a hybrid conference - meaning speakers and attendees will be able to join us both virtually and in-person.

For those interested in attending virtually: grab your FREE TICKET online and fill out the attendee registration information (takes 1 minute or less to fully complete). You will then receive an email with a link to attend the virtual conference. Be sure to use this link to navigate to whatever session/s you are most interested in each day throughout the week!

For those interested in attending in person: grab your FREE TICKET online and fill out the attendee registration information (takes 1 minute or less to fully complete). Throughout the week of September 19th - 23rd, there will be various locations for each of the sessions (listed below). Be sure to check out the Startup Boston Week event page online to see where each session is located!

  • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH | Virtual & In Person: MassChallenge and District Hall Boston in Seaport

  • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH | Virtual & In Person: MassChallenge and WPI in Seaport

  • WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21ST | Virtual & In Person: District Hall in Seaport, Silicon Valley Bank near Boston Common, and CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center) in Cambridge

  • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22ND | Virtual & In Person: MassChallenge and Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Seaport, and Suffolk University near Boston Common

  • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23RD | Virtual & In Person: MassChallenge and District Hall in Seaport, and Suffolk University near Boston Common

Who will be at Startup Boston Week 2022?

Startup Boston Week brings together startup employees, founders, investors, enthusiasts, mentors, advisors, newcomers, and students across the Greater Boston area with the mission of connecting, educating, and celebrating the startup ecosystem.

In terms of our panelists and speakers, we have an amazing lineup spanning a vast majority of some of Boston’s best including representation from Boston Venture Studio, Harvard Business School, Rapid7, MIT, ButcherBox, HubSpot, DraftKings, MassRobotics, MassChallenge, The Boston Globe, Red Hat, and so many more! Check out the full list of speakers here.

I’m having trouble deciding which events to attend. Do you have any specific recommendations?

Absolutely! Head over to the SBW2022 Speaker Track page where you are able to plan an agenda of events to attend based on 12 different department- / job-function-focused tracks including:

  • Founder

  • Customer Success & Support

  • People Ops

  • Product & Design

  • Engineering

  • Legal

  • Data

  • Students

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Investors

  • Community

  • Startup Curious

If you are uncertain about the specific function of your job and are looking to organize your agenda in a different way, scroll further down to find events separated by goals (whether personally, at your startup, or both). These include:

  • Build Your Community

  • The Road to Fundraising

  • Taking Your Startup From Idea to Reality

  • Recruit and Train Your Startup Team

  • Leveling-Up As a Leader

  • Creating Company Culture

  • Building Your Career

Hopefully the above Q&A equipped you with a bit more information about what the week holds and how special this is for us here at Startup Boston, but more broadly for our whole ecosystem in the Greater Boston area. If you have any remaining questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or by email at

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