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Cofounder Matching 

Meet your founding team.

Startup Boston's Cofounder Matching is a quarterly event. This mixer was created to bring you one step closer to finding your future cofounder.

This event is great for two types of folks:

1. You have an idea for a startup and are looking for your partner-in-crime to help you build 

2. You do not have an idea but are excited about joining someone on the ground floor and playing a pivotal role in building 

Join us for open networking, where you can create new relationships and get one step closer to figuring out the type of person you'll need on your team. 

This event is invite-only so we can ensure to create the perfect mix of technical and non-technical people, cofounders and founding team members, and those with a startup idea and those without one. 


While there is no exact science for creating a founding team of a startup - let alone creating the perfect startup - our hope is that this mixer gets you one step closer.

Our next event of 2024 is on Monday, April 8th at 5:30pm in Boston, MA.


Our April 8th event is at capacity - subscribe to our newsletter directly below to stay in the loop on our next event.

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