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Check out what speakers and attendees are saying about Startup Boston Week.

"I was really impressed by how diverse *and* inclusive Startup Boston Week was. It was clear every effort was made to include people of different backgrounds, industries, and levels of experience. I think this is in part due to its community-oriented structure, and it reminds me why, as a senior in high school applying to college, I first got excited about Boston as a place to study, work, and live in. Big ups to the Startup Boston Week team for a job very well done."

               - Selam Gano - Product Engineer, Pendar Technologies (speaker @ SBW2020)

"We started our venture, Glimpse Health, two months ago.  With Startup Boston Week, we were energized to connect and explore startup topics with such a motivated community of experts and entrepreneurs. The event greatly accelerated our knowledge and progress in several areas and we are grateful."


               - Dave Peak - CEO, Glimpse Health (attendee @ SBW2020)

"Speaking at Startup Boston was a fantastic opportunity to connect with the wider startup community. I moved back to Boston at the end of January 2020 and ,shortly after, the pandemic happened and we all moved to a remote-first  world. 


This made it difficult to connect with other entrepreneurially minded people from the area.


Startup Boston helped fill that gap with a dedicated volunteer team, thoughtful topics and diverse (roles, demographic backgrounds) panels. I’m looking forward to the opportunities unlocked for the wider Boston innovation ecosystem."

               - Hassan Kane - Lead Data Scientist, Emtropy Labs (speaker @ SBW2020)

"As a recent college graduate looking to start a career in the business world, SBW2020 was a great resource to learn more about the Startup industry and to discover if it would be the right career path for me."

               - Quinn Karp - Roger Williams University Class of 2020 (attendee @ SBW2020)

"Great place and event to meet some of Boston's' great innovators and brilliant minds. The wide range of startups represented was perfect for anyone who is starting a company or has an idea."


               - Pete Scahill - Founder & COO, Bay State Strategic Solutions (attendee @ SBW2020)

"Startup Boston this year was exceptional, great diversity, valuable sessions, rich content, talented and promising startups."


               - Georges Chakar - Founder & CEO, LINK Advisory (attendee @ SBW2020)

"Listening to the other entrepreneurs speak during my Startup Boston Week panel, I realized there are actually 5 different ways to do what I'm doing. With the constant need to get stuff done, it's easy to become myopic at times. SBW is a unique chance to expand your horizons and get practical insights."

               - Tivan Amour - Cofounder & CEO, Tone (speaker @ SBW2020)

"Startup Boston Week 2020 was great!  The sessions were thought-provoking and touched on issues that we are currently facing in our business. I came away with great action items that will help to enrich and guide the future of our business.  For leaders in hyper-growth companies, this is an event to not be missed."

               - Stacey Richey - VP People, Corvus Insurance (speaker @ SBW2020)

"The SBW event was very well managed, and truly showcased the full extent of the startup community here in Boston. Can’t wait for next year’s event."


               - Rakesh Lal - Director, Quality and Compliance Engineering, Quanttus (attendee @ SBW2020)

"I truly enjoyed the diversity of thought at Startup Week Boston 2020! I was very impressed by the range of ages, cultures, backgrounds and experiences that hosted the different sessions throughout the week. I learned so much valuable information for ensuring that my startup is set up for success! Thank you Startup Boston!"


               - Cristina Costa - Learning & Development, Outco (speaker & attendee @ SBW2020)

“What an amazing event! A week of learning from some of Bostons best, I couldn’t ask for anything else. Great relevant topics and sessions during a time when sharing ideas is at its most critical. Thanks Startup Boston Week!”

               - Mike Brown - VP People. Cogo Labs (speaker @ SBW2020)

"This was a well-organized event that seamlessly convened the vibrant Boston startup community. From the speaker prep, to the website, to the slack group, and online marketing, one would have to be told that this is a volunteer-run week-long event! I learned so much from my co-panelists and forged new connections as part of participating in this event. A serious entrepreneur of any kind would likely stand to lose out if they are not plugged into Boston Startup Week."

               - Rebecca Obounou - President & Founder, CHES (speaker @ SBW2020)

"As a Canadian company, it was an incredible experience to have the opportunity to attend Start Up Boston Week. Hearing from key members of the community throughout the week provided clarity and context for us to help connect with professionals in the market. Bravo on a job very well done!"

               - Ashley King - Cofounder, Person Centred Universe (attendee @ SBW2020)

"It was a pleasure to participate in the 2020 Startup Boston Week. The volunteers who organized the event and engaged me as one of the panelists did a fantastic job driving participation throughout the process.


Our event had over 40 participants and my peers on the panel demonstrated enthusiasm and energy for our topic re: career exploration in the Data Science field. I look forward to staying in touch and connected to this event and hope to participate down the line in person.


Well done on overcoming the 2020 event planning challenges and kudos to everyone involved for driving the momentum forward virtually.”

               - Natalie Matushevsky - Amazon Sciences Executive Search Leader (speaker @ SBW2020)

"My Startup Boston Week panel was a great opportunity to be connected with other sales professionals and exchange ideas publicly so that other businesspeople could also benefit. I can't think of another way for entrepreneurs just starting out to get this much qualitative data all in one week. For so many it was clear that Startup Boston Week expedited both community building and information exchange."

               - Nirvanna Lildharrie - Enterprise Account Executive, Robin (speaker @ SBW2020)

"I really enjoyed speaking at the conference. It was a great way to learn from my fellow panelists and meet others in the Boston startup community! I think the team did a great job organizing and helping me feel prepared leading up to the event."

               -  Mary Imevbore - CEO & Co-Founder at Waeve Inc. (speaker @ SBW2020)

"Startup Boston is a wonderful resource for local entrepreneurs across every stage of the startup experience. In offering conferences such as Startup Boston Week, they are fostering a sense of community among organizations across many different focuses. I've found these types of connections and conversations are crucial, both personal and professionally in building Wellist."

               - Ashley Reid - Founder & CEO at Wellist (speaker @ SBW2020)

“I had the honor of participating in SBW2020 this year. I have always been impressed by Startup Boston’s ability to pull together timely and relevant content, high-quality speakers and an engaged audience. Despite having to move the event online this year, Startup Boston rallied the community together and initiated virtual connections and conversation that rival even the best in-person events. SBW2020 reminded me that despite a pandemic, the Boston startup community is strong and thriving.”

               -  Elyse Winer - Marketing Partner at Material Impact  (speaker @ SBW2020)

"SBW2020 was very well done, with a great range of highly-targeted programming presented by local experts. The event was also incredibly accessible - being free + online, with talks aimed at founders of all stages - not just those who had raised venture capital."

               - Shrenik Jain - Founder & CEO at Marigold Health (speaker @ SBW2020)

“Startup Boston Week draws such a wide range of talented people across the innovation to share ideas and to connect. I’ve been a part of the annual event since inception, and I’m amazed at how each year’s program builds on the best parts of the previous ones. Can’t wait for 2021!”

               -  David Chang - Angel Investor & Advisor  (speaker @ SBW2020)

"Having worked in the Boston startup ecosystem for many years, it was an honor to participate in Startup Boston Week 2020. I love the organization's energy and its commitment to connecting and strengthening the community -- contributing to that was really rewarding. Selfishly, I am now really excited to see the content available on-demand since there were some sessions I was unable to attend!"

               - Nicole Canulla - Founder, Canulla Communications (speaker @ SBW2020)

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