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Startup Resources: Venture Lane Studio, Traction for B2B Software Startups

Venture Lane Studios’ goal is to generate momentum for your startup. Their core belief is that momentum begets momentum. Attracting capital, customers and top tier talent will naturally attract more of all three. Unlike other accelerators, VLS doesn’t want to put the ‘fuel before the engine.'

Who Should Join Venture Lane Studio?

Venture Lane Studio looks for companies with some ‘water through the pipes’ already. Meaning that they have at least an MVP, a handful of customers, and a co-founder. Founders with market experience is preferred.

Venture Lane Studio takes into consideration:

  1. Founder Fit: They are looking for founders that have the drive and resilience to succeed. Aptitude, knowledge, skills and experience are important, but nothing tops integrity, a great attitude, and optimism for solving hard problems and attracting great people.

  2. Company: Their sole focus is early stage B2B software companies that solve a big and important problem for their customers in a large market. You must be incorporated as a Delaware C-corp.

  3. Go-To-Market: Ideally you’ve already found your first real/beta customers to prove that your product solves a customer pain. Your experience with clients will help fine-tune the sales process faster and with more accuracy. Venture Lane Studio then focuses on products that sell to private markets.

  4. Product: You built your MVP or product so that customers can test or buy it. They then are foremost traction specialists with a focal point of gaining customers – less on building your service or platform.

Applicants do not need to be located in Boston, but companies who are accepted are expected to attend the first 3 weeks and last 2 weeks of the program in person (which is located in the heart of Boston near Faneuil Hall).

How is Venture Lane Studio Structured?

Venture Lane Studio is split into three parts over four months:

  1. Base Camp (2 weeks) - the first stage of the program. It is designed to get to know your company, help you set goals and run sales diagnostics so you and truly build traction during your time there.

  2. The Climb (3 Months) - designed to solidify company operations and provide you with auxiliary foundations.

  3. The Peak (2 weeks) - focused on getting your startup positioned to go off on its own. During The Peak, you will focus on your company narrative, securing capital and learning how to spend that capital.

What Resources Does Venture Lane Studio Provide?

Once accepted into the program, the four-month accelerator provides many resources to the startups and entrepreneurs. Here is a quick rundown of what they provide:

  • Focus on go-to-market and sales

  • Post-onboarding monthly sprints

  • Weekly priority and metric check-ins

  • 1:1 mentoring - specifically offers individual matching from pool of 150 mentors and 700 companies

  • Workshops

  • Ongoing post-program support through community and events

How Can You Join Venture Lane Studio?

You must apply, or be referred in order to partake. You can apply on the website here.

After passing the online application, companies are invited to an in-person 2.5 hour workshop where companies will be observed working together. The goal of this workshop is to get a real feel for how founders function.

There is no fee to join, but this accelerator does take 4% equity, and reserves the right to purchase more common shares. Founder Christian Magel wants Venture Lane studio to behave more like a venture capital firm in this regard, by staying involved in the startup after the program is over, to both party’s benefit.

What Events Can You Attend?

There are many events you can attend, even if you are not in their accelerator program. All public-facing events can be found right here on their website.

Who Leads Venture Lane Studio?

Venture Lane Studio is the product of the hardwork of:

Learn More About Venture Lane Studio

Learn more about Venture Lane Studio by visiting their website. And feel free to give them a follow on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.

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