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Startup Resources: WorcLab, Worcester’s Business Accelerator

WorcLab is Worcester’s premier business incubator and co-working space of passionate innovators. A hub of innovation, New England’s second largest city combines the historic charm of a small town with the culture and attractions of a thriving metropolis. Worcester is home to nationally recognized research universities, including Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Umass Medical, top innovation centers, including the Massachusetts Biomedical Initiative and MassDigi, world-class museums and a thriving food scene with over 100 local eateries. Undergoing a citywide renaissance, Worcester is a hot bed for change.

Located in the heart of Massachusetts, Worcester is a short drive from Boston, Providence, and New York City allowing startups to benefit from a high quality of life, with affordable housing and business space. Tyler Ojala, Community Manager at WorcLab, was generous enough to sit down with Startup Boston to discuss the benefits of the incubator in detail.

WorcLab’s Goal

WorcLab’s goal is to help get startups off the ground by providing working space, educational materials, and access to community connections that may otherwise not be available to first-time entrepreneurs. WorcLab is also connected to other organizations such as MassChallenge, the Venture Forum, and the Worcester Chamber of Commerce, each with their own mission to help empower bold leaders and help businesses thrive.

Who Should Join WorcLab?

Entrepreneurs and Startups of all shapes and sizes are encouraged to apply for space within the WorcLab headquarters. There are an abundance of resources for traditional technology startups, but the facility also includes “maker space” complete with lab equipment and facilities, 3D printers, drill presses, and other industrial equipment. This fosters an environment where software and hardware startups alike can work side by side to collaborate and grow.

To name just a few of WorcLab’s current members:

  • Embue – making properties in multifamily portfolio’s smarter and more carbon efficient. The mission is to make multifamily buildings more cost efficient to own and operate, and to enable property owners to provide the best and most comfortable environment possible for residents.

  • Bit Spartan – a consulting company that offers cyber security risk management, compliance, and governance services to small, medium, and large organizations. The goal is to help organizations securely navigate and operate in the digital age through professional consulting and strategic partnership.

  • Cyvl – while dozens of industries like healthcare, finance, IT, and more, have seen digital transformations over the last few decades, the way the world manages its roads, sidewalks, bridges, trees, and related physical infrastructure has remained largely unchanged. is bringing modern infrastructure asset management solutions to a world that needs it.

  • Phenic Natural Skincare – bringing insight, and appreciation of nature as skincare to those seeking an enlightened and pure lifestyle. Phenic was created out of the desire for effective yet pure natural skincare.

  • Vinnie Rossi – driven by a passion for designing audio components that bring music enthusiast’s unmatched sonic realism, long-term listening satisfaction, and pride of ownership. Vinnie Rossi creates timeless designs that transcend the ordinary with industry-leading innovation and exceptional quality.

What Resources Does WorcLab Provide?

WorcLab is located in the heart of downtown Worcester with easy access to all of the amenities that the community provides including entertainment, dining, and cultural attractions. However, the WorcLab facility itself also boasts 10,000 square feet of space including open concept co-working spaces, private desks, several private offices, a conference center/classroom, and a workshop floor “maker space” with industrial equipment – all with 24/7 access and support.

Additionally, WorcLab provides access to webinars and in-person events for entrepreneurs both internally, as well as with affiliated organizations such as other startup incubators and the Worcester Chamber of Commerce.

How Can You Join WorcLab?

WorcLab is committed to working with startups and entrepreneurs at all stages of their journeys and across several different types of business from real estate, cyber security, industrial design, skincare, and audio equipment manufacturing.

There are several different types of membership tiers designed to work with different types of business needs such as flexible memberships, day passes, private office memberships, and dedicated desk or laboratory space optionality. WorcLab is looking for motivated, serious innovators and creatives.

Whether you’re a startup, coworker, or a company looking for a satellite office you’re welcome at WorcLab. If you feel like you’re a good fit, WorcLab encourages prospective startups to reach out directly. You will have a quick introductory phone call and then will likely be invited to the space for a tour. WorcLab understands that you may need to move quickly, so they will too.

WorcLab is committed to increasing diversity and maintaining an inclusive community. They welcome all entrepreneurs and coworkers, regardless of their industry, ethnicity, race, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, age, or whether or not they have a disability.

Who Runs WorcLab?

Larry Genovesi - Executive Director, Chairman of the Board

Larry is a serial entrepreneur with 35+ years experience starting and running hi-tech companies. As both a CEO and CTO Larry has operational as well as technological experience, which give him deep insight into the challenges facing startups. Larry has been involved in startups in the networking, storage, high performance computing, and big data analytics markets. His current focus is in the areas of IOT’s, energy efficiency, and building management. He is currently CTO/VP Engineering at Embue, Inc.


Tyler Ojala - Community Manager

Tyler has a background in Business and Psychology. While an undergraduate at Worcester State University Tyler co-founded and served as President of the Worcester State University Entrepreneurship Club, organizing events and sharing information with the larger goal of educating students on Worcester campuses about the potential of entrepreneurship. He has and continues to work closely with The Venture Forum and WorcLab to bring Worcester State University and the larger Worcester Entrepreneurial ecosystem together.


Learn More About WorcLab

For more information about WorcLab’s resources, as well as the types of events that the incubator can connect you to, please reference the below list of resources:

Startup Boston looks forward to continuing to collaborate with WorcLab into the future!


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