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September 11th - 15th, 2023

Thank you for a wonderful Startup Boston Week 2023!

Startup Boston Week came back for our seventh annual conference, September 11 - 15, this year's theme is "The Audacity! Daring to Defy the Odds."

We're connecting founders, startup employees, mentors, advisors, investors, students and startup curious folks - in short, everyone who plays a role in helping to both start and scale a company.

Where is Startup Boston Week 2023?

We are excited to announce that all of Startup Boston Week will be hosted at Suffolk University - located right in the heart of Downtown Boston (right near Boston Common). 

This conference will be hybrid - meaning you have the option to join us either virtually or in-person. So you can participate however you feel the most comfortable!

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SBW2023's Theme is
"The Audacity! Daring to Defy the Odds"

For entrepreneurs, success in the startup world revolves around taking chances. Being a startup leader or worker involves going against the grain - and doesn't come with a lot of job security. 

Enter: Startup Boston Week 2023, The Audacity! Daring to Defy the Odds, at Suffolk University - we're excited to connect and support you on your journey as you defy the odds and build your startup, team or department.


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Building a startup is tough. Founding one is lonely. Scaling a department is hard. And figuring out your place in the startup world and where you belong is incredibly daunting. It's so important to have a community of folks you can lean on as you figure it out.

If you are currently in the trenches building and scaling a startup - or if you just want to learn more about the startup community - there's an event for you at Startup Boston Week. 

We offer content for founders, startup employees, students, mentors, investors, investors and startup curious folks.

You can learn from those who have been in your shoes by attending tracks spanning Customer Success & Support, Engineering, Data, Product & Design, Marketing & Sales, People Operations & HR, Students, Investor and Founder. 


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