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Apply Now: Accelerator Drives to Apply to Q1 2024

Updated: Apr 19

Startup accelerators can be a good fit for entrepreneurs who “only” have an idea to founders who have an MVP and are ready to really start generating revenue. There are different types of accelerators based on your industry and what stage your startup currently is in.

If you are considering participating in an accelerator program in 2024, here are the key deadlines for upcoming programs in the Northeast you should mark no your calendars. 

Greentown Lab’s ACCEL 

This accelerator is hosted by Greentown Labs and created with the thought of advancing climatech and clean energy leaders in mind, specifically focused on accelerating BIPOC-founded startups over a 6-month period.  

Founders must be developing climate solutions for the electricity, transportation, buildings, manufacturing, agriculture, and resiliency + adaptation sectors. 

If accepted into this program, you’ll receive $25,000 non-dilutive grant funding, along with other resources and programming to help scale your startup. 

Applications are due January 5, 2024. Learn more here.

Softeq Venture Studio

This accelerator program, in partnership with Launch NH, is powered by the $40M Softeq Venture Fund. If accepted, they provided a $125,000 investment into your startup and in-kind services for 2-3% equity. 

This is a 3-month accelerator program providing you access to mentors, investors, resources, discounted coworking space and more. If accepted into the program, you will receive a $125,000 investment in cash and in-kind services for 2-3% equity. Additionally, they offer an Equity Back Guarantee where you can request your common stock back. 

Applications due by January 6, 2024. Learn more here.

Venture Lane Studio

This accelerator program is based out of the co-working space, Venture Lane, located in the heart of Downtown Boston. It is created specifically with B2B software startups in mind and they only take 2-4 companies per cohort.

If accepted, you will be a part of a 3.5-month program and will receive up to $100,000 investment. 

Applications are open until January 18th. Learn more here.

Intel Ignite 

Intel’s accelerator program, Intel Ignite, is focused on deep tech startups. This includes startups in industries such as, AI and ML, autonomous technologies and robotics, security and privacy, hardware and manufacturing, next-generation computing and others (full list here). 

The program is 12-weeks long and is focused on taking early-stage startups to the next level. 

Applications are open until January 17th. Learn more here.


This program is an energy and business accelerator program designed to accelerate the drive towards a zero-carbon future for Vermont. The accelerator is managed by the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund.

This is a 14-week program with activities both virtual and in-person, in Vermont. 

Applications are open until February 5th. Learn more here.

Founder Institute - Boston

Once accepted into this accelerator, the cohort is then divided into the “Launch Track” or “Growth Track,” depending on the stage of your business. In layman’s terms, the Launch Track is great for folks who are currently at the idea stage and the Growth Stage is great if you have an idea and are in the early stages of developing your business plan and getting your MVP off the ground.

The program is 15-weeks long and kicks off on March 20th. 

Applications are open until March 10th. Learn more here.

StartUp Rutland Accelerator

Based in Rutland, Vermont, this accelerator takes 5 companies into their cohort - and you need to be based in or near Ruthland (or open to relocating). The goal of this program is that upon graduation you go into an investment accelerator or to raise a seed round. 

Applications are open until April 1st. Learn more here


This accelerator is designed to advance breakthrough science while providing opportunities from all parts of the life science ecosystem. This is a hybrid eight-week program.

Applications are open until January 26th. Learn more here.

BLUE Excelerator

Specialized in BlueTech and ClimaTech companies, the BLUE Excelerator is created for startups that have already completed a previous accelerator or have an established business, an MVP and a business plan that has been vetted through another source - such as university or government business development agency. This program is virtual and will run for 12 weeks from March to early June.

Applications are open until February 14th. Learn more here.

Thoughtbot's Incubator

This program is for founders who have a business idea for a web or mobile app. Thoughtbot will be your co-founding team for eight weeks, for 20 hours each week.

Applications are open until January 18th. Learn more here.


Honing in on accelerating pharma-focused, digital health startups, applications for the Spring 2024 cohort are being accepted for startups that specifically focus on digital innovations in oncology. Areas of interest include (but are not limited to) drug discovery tools, drug delivery platforms, clinical trials tools, provider tools and patient care solutions.

Applications are open until February 1st. Learn more here.

MassChallenge - U.S. Early Stage

The MassChallenge Early Stage Accelerator was created for startups that have raised less than $1M in equity-based funding and generated less than $2M in annual revenue. Startups for ideation stage to early market engagement are encouraged to apply.

Applications are open until February 29th. Learn more here.

Blueprint by The Engine

This is a non-resident program for graduate students, postdocs, research scientists and their teams that are exploring the commercial opportunities of the scientific breakthroughs and startup projects.

Applications are open until March 5th. Learn more here.

Is there an application drive for a Northeast based accelerator that’s not on this list and is open through April 1st, 2024? Drop us a note here and let us know


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