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Celebrate Startup Milestones: Issue #18

A lot goes into building a successful startup - hiring the right people, launching and improving your product’s features, figuring out next steps for your marketing and sales strategy, and the list continues! And it’s incredibly important to celebrate these important milestones of your startup’s journey. Let’s check out what a few startups have accomplished this week!


Date posted: Feb 23rd | Company location: Boston, MA

Goldcast is a purpose-built platform for enterprises to conduct memorable online events - client summits, workshops, product launches, thought leadership summits, regional conferences - you name it. They provide strong tools/dashboards for marketers to measure the ROI of the event and provide strong lead qualification insights


Goldcast launched 10 new platform features over the past two weeks! Read the full run-through right here.


Date posted: Feb 22nd | Company location: NYC, New York

RAISEfashion is connecting Black-owned brands and individuals to Fashion Industry Professionals for Free Pro Bono Strategic, Creative, and Tactical Support. They are a network of fashion industry leaders, providing pro bono consulting to Black-owned brands and individuals, with a mission to advance the equity of Black talent.


The RAISEfashion Collective is now live on!


Date posted: Feb 23rd | Company location: Boston, MA

SipperParty provides gamified blind tasting supported by a fun, intuitive app.


SipperParty is now live!


Date posted: Feb 22nd | Company location: Boston, MA

Unstack is a no-code marketing platform that gives marketers and entrepreneurs the fastest way to launch and scale a business.


They sent their latest product update to nearly 10,000 people.


Date posted: Feb 23rd | Company location: Boston, MA

ClimaCell is the world's leading All-in-One Weather Intelligence Platform™. Fully customizable to any industry impacted by the weather, customers around the world including the NFL and Uber use ClimaCell to dramatically improve operational efficiency.


ClimaCell is going to space! Read all about it right here.

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